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Francais baby seek guy to Affair with my aunt

My parents were both close to his younger brother and his wife. For the past two years, I have suspected that my mother and my uncle have been having an affair. They live in different states and text back and forth.

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My aunt and I have been roommates and having sex with one another at least twice a week since the night of my 20th birthday. The sex is great, my aunt is hot, bi and very anal. I cannot complain. I think my mom is fairly sure what's going on she's made various insinuations over the years, but no real accusations. We're both of the attitude we're not hurting anybody by what we do behind closed doors, and we're having too much fun to stop.

How old am I: 59
Eye tone: Blue eyes
Gender: Lady
My favourite drink: Red wine
My favourite music: Heavy metal
I like: Doing puzzles

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Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 9 years ago 1. This is a bit of a tale, so bear with me. About nine years ago, my Dad conned my Mum in moving from England to Scotland.

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We ended up living at my Aunt's my Mother's sister-in-law for a while, it was always a bit suspicious how well her and my brother got along but I suppose we thought it'd be a little far fetched to make something out of it. She's married and had three children when this all began, now she has four not my brother's, her husband's, although - it's hard to be sure.

She's a complete witch, my brother hasn't spoken to me in a decade because she's always filling him up with negativity, targeted at me. Our relationship is beyond repair. He had a vast circle of friends before we came up north, he keeps himself to himself completely now because of his complexes linked to this 'secret life' of his. He can't open up to anyone, but my Aunt, probably.

My mother and I actually left Scotland once, without a word of warning to anyone and settled down in London to get away from it all.


It kind of tipped the balance for my Mother when my Aunt kept lashing out at me for no real reason and accusing me of things even getting her daughters to serve as 'witnesses', who withdrew their statements after things got heavy anyways We were in England for around right months when we ran away and my brother found us, apologized and my Aunt showed up after even her four year old was giving her crap asking why we had left and what she had done to us, to also apologize. They promised it wouldn't happen again my Mum was the one who caught them out in the first place, then my bothers, my uncle is even aware to some extent.

My Aunt's daughters are mentally ill two out of four of them and one is sick a very unhealthy amount of the time, operations etc. My Mum feels as though my my uncle knows more than he lets on but he's pretty much in denial.

Dear abby: widowed mother begins an affair with her married brother-in-law

If she leaves him, he won't be able to run the house and take care of his daughters. We know they're at it again but they only way we can really drag their skeletons out of the closet is if we find concrete evidence, pictures would do has to be something we can really throw in their face. Sounds a tad unecessary but they are ripping it now. If we confront him about it, he'll deny it.

We've genuinely been contemplating getting all secret agent on this.

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My Mum's crying about it right now, it's killing her and she's more fragile that most as it is. What should be done? Sorry about the length. Not what you're looking for? Report 9 years ago 2. Mr Hornswaggle Badges: 0.