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Medindia ยป Celebrity Health News. Amy Winehouse has finally made an attempt to clean up her act by wearing nicotine patches.

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What is my age: 41
Where am I from: Dutch
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My favourite drink: Absinthe

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Amy Winehouse shows her skinny butt in shorts - July Thread starter M. R Start date Jul 24, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Status Not open for further replies. ed Jan 5, Messages 86, Reactions5, Alleybuxed Oct 4, Messages 5, Reactions 27, 1, 67 Alleybuxed Jul 15, Messages 8, Reactions 21, 15 6 Alleybux 27, Sheldon Cooper. ed Jun 23, Messages 1, Reactions 1, 1 AlleybuxIck, she looks like she need a bath ed Mar 3, Messages 43 Reactions 2 Alleybux 32, I think the enormous hair sculpture makes her butt seem even more lacking ed Oct 10, Messages 21, Reactions 47, 10 11 Alleybux 15, She's disgusting.

ed Jul 16, Messages 9, Reactions 14, 5 2 Alleybux 48, I want so bad for her to take a nice long shower, five times, and do a triple hair wash with each shower. Then take a nice long soak in a bath tub. Get Amy winehouse ass put on deodorant, lotion. Brush her hair. Pick out a new outift. And then try again to make this public appearance.

ed Feb 3, Messages 14, Reactions 31, 89 AlleybuxWhat Butt??

But I was expecting to see her in those light blue denim shorts, she wears all the time. I guess it's good to see she has more than one pair? But then again ed Apr 10, Messages 2, Reactions 6, 2 1 AlleybuxThat belt. ed Sep 4, Messages 15, Reactions 93, 1, Alleybux 10, Amy, Amy, Amy ed Jun 15, Messages 18, Reactions 32, 22 55 Alleybux 0.

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I can't believe she ed May 17, Messages 4, Reactions 12, 3 2 Alleybux 9, I tried to hang in there with this bitch, but dammit Amy you disappoint me every time! She looks extremely sick.

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ed Jan 2, Messages Reactions Alleybux 34, Damn look at the bottom of the shoes. In a minute her feet is going to be rubbing the ground.

Amy winehouse shows her skinny butt in shorts - july 24

LovingLV said:. Click to expand ed Aug 29, Messages Reactions Alleybux 20, R said:. ed Feb 10, Messages 88, Reactions12, 9, AlleybuxI like this girl. I really hopes she gets well and nothing happens to her.

Her husband annoys me.

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ed May 26, Messages Reactions Alleybux 5, As long as I hear her and not see her, it's all good. ed Mar 12, Messages 8, Reactions 10, 56 8 Alleybux 30, How i feel about those slippers: :Banan 6: :drillserg :getyou: :bash: :AR15firin :AR15firin :jan: :damnit: :firedevil.

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Bell Hooks. ed Mar 10, Messages 14, Reactions 47, 19 4 Alleybux 34, Where are bathing smilies and sandwich eating smilies when you need them? ed Jan 3, Messages 6, Reactions 11, 41 Alleybux 69, ed Feb 1, Messages 6, Reactions 5, 1 1 Alleybux 24, I am surprised her hair hasn't cause her skinny self to topple over yet. ed Apr 10, Messages 7, Reactions 14, 19 18 Alleybux 38, ed Jun 14, Messages 7, Reactions 15, 66 Alleybuxed Mar 12, Messages 9, Reactions 15, 63 Alleybux 4, Please Eat I can't take it anymore.

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Jan 7, dotcomgirl. Amy Winehouse in Camden. Jul 23, Mia Wallace. R Jul 18, 8 Replies Views. Jul 19, Me. Trending Thre C. Celebrity News and Gossip. Black America Forum.