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A self-inflicted version of the Dope Slapthis is when a character hits herself softly on the head, winks, and sticks her tongue out after tripping, dropping or doing some other mistake in acknowledgement of her blooper. As it is considered ish and endearing mannerism, this gesture is most often employed by a klutzthe overly cuteor The Ditz ; though it may also be used ironically, to feign innocent clumsiness.

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We all want to be understood. Even if the particular fiction is an anime with a totally goofy name. I hate saying that name. Most of us are not that crowd. I am not that crowd. But the name must lure some people in. Perhaps the author of the original light novels just knew how to guarantee sales.

If that strategy has paid off—and with quite a few light novels, a manga adaptation, and of course, an anime television series and movie, the series seems to be doing quite well—then good for him. He gets to tell the story he wants to tell. Even better for me, because the story he wants to Anime silly me is quite good. In fact, there were a couple moments in the anime where I felt understood to a degree no other work of fiction has provided me before. There were moments where the show was just dropping big truths about life. Aside from, again, clickbait for otaku.

This is a story about adolescence and all its challenges.

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Such an outfit is worn for a few minutes, though. What do?

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So yeah, if that story sounds interesting, definitely check the anime out. Tomoe Koga is a high school first-year.

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Quite cute. She has a habit of thoroughly planning for the future, taking careful action based on how she believes others will behave. But unfortunately, this is a result of or at least closely related to her extremely self-conscious way of thinking. She spent middle school in Fukuoka, but since her father was relocated to Tokyo, she lives there now. Concerned about fitting in, she started wearing makeup, fashionable clothes and fancy hairstyles. But that was just the start.

Tomoe asks her senpai Sakuta to help, not to clear up this misunderstanding, but to perpetuate it. Doing so will prevent her friends from rejecting her and leaving her all alone, she says.

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Long story short, she wants Sakuta to pretend to date her because she believes it will prevent her from ending up alone. I understand those words very well. I went to a different high school than the one my middle school fed into, and once I started it was a bitter reminder how very unpleasant it is to be alone and self-conscious.

What is this gesture called?

Like Sakuta said, being alone can actually be kind of nice. Sakuta agrees to help Koga, wanting to help her before her situation gets worse. Koga, wanting to make sure her friends think the relationship is real, asks for a date. Just like you. Later, they speak of this difference between them more directly. Everyone looks at you funny and makes fun of you. How are you okay like that?

Silly anime

Even if the whole world hated me, I could keep living if that person needed me. A deep relationship is worth so much more than popularity. Of course, things only get more complicated from there.

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When the time is come for Anime silly me lie they were telling to officially end, Sakuta can see Koga is having trouble—to oversimplify—and he tries to get her to spill her feelings. Koga is mad at herself for having such feelings. That line has always stuck out to me. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to be honest even about what your faults are and realize you are a worthwhile person regardless of those.

She says she wants it. Adolescence is hard. Very little about our situations was similar, yet the feelings she described sounded so familiar to me. In the end, as you expect, Koga grows. She faces situations she had ly avoided out of fear of social repercussions now with confidence. She is finally willing to risk not having a place in her class.

Shoko Makinohara is a central yet mysterious character in the entire series.

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Now, we never get the full story on her until the movie. In episode 12, we see a flashback of a life-changing conversation Sakuta had with Shoko.

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As has been said before, listen to understand, not to respond. But I was still able to find meaning for my own life.

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My goodness there is so much wisdom in these words. Everyone wonders this at one point or another. Because man, being kind and helping people—that goes a long, long way.

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The world would be so different if people put more emphasis on those things. Furthermore, I believe there is more happiness to be found in serving others than in gratifying your own desires. Makinohara just gets it. She also understands that becoming kinder is a process. Each day you just try to be kinder than you were ly.

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There is another big question her advice touches on: why does life have so much suffering? She said that because Sakuta has suffered, he can be kind. What does that mean? Those who do know it, however, know how lonely it can be.

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They have the ability to empathize. We all want to feel understood. And how can someone who has never felt pain understand what pain is?

Seriously though what is it

Empathy is a beautiful thing. So, those were a few moments that hit me the hardest when watching this anime. You thought it was a stupid bunny girl show when it was actually an intelligent, thoughtful story! Well there are still some bits I think are stupid but they always fade away in my memory because of the good parts. Plus I mean the romance is way cute and Sakuta is amusing with how honest he is in sharing his thoughts about women.

Though to be honest, he is just gross a couple of times. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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