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Any trend on social media which exaggerates ideals of perfectionism, beauty, and harmful health habits should be considered dangerous. Facebook and Instagram have taken great strides in recent years to combat pro-eating disorder groups and hashtags in order to regulate the harmful messages which can quickly become viral.

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A twenty-five year old patient with long standing anorexia nervosa and recent forced vomiting presented with a pulling sensation in her lower anterior thorax. Seven months later, callus formation over the left tenth rib was documented.

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Despite feminism, suffragettes, bra burning protests; two centuries later, the world still seems to be stuck in the somewhat precarious ideas of feminine fashion. To be skinny, as skinny as their favourite stars are and form part of this culture, women are becoming anorexic. Prerna Kohli, a leading psychologist.

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Gowri Kulkarni, a DNB in psychiatry feels the trend can have dangerous physical implications. But what is lost in the bargain is a healthy mind, body and soul. Physical implications like loss of hair, weakening of bones and muscles are not all.

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Starving may lead to anorexia, loss of hemoglobin and oxygen putting all the pressure on the heart to survive, It is not healthy at all. We too have come across many attention-seeking young models that are following this trend just for the sake of bikini-posing, while the photographers are having a hard time finding the perfect angle, she added.

Beware of social media and eating disorder trends, latest “rib cage bragging” hashtag

Says Dr. Kohli echoes the same sentiment. Friends and family of those who are suffering from anorexia or bulimia need to be alert and provide appropriate counseling and guidance instead of encouraging ribcage bragging, she says. It also reeks of sexism. Tired of the unceasing, ungainly internet entertainment updates? Walk dazzling lanes and by lanes with Outlook. Know what's behind the apparent and what doesn't show.

Rib fractures and anorexia nervosa

Your journey into the myriad shades of truth with Outlook. Home Society. Yamini Kalra Yamini Kalra. First there were corsets that made the Victorian women the epitome of desire.

There is a new body type in trend and it's 'rib-popping'

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Torso of a very thin, anorexic, with rib cage and hip bones protruding, young woman measuring her waist.

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