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Hey guys! I just became eligible for Army Tuition Assistance and I am looking to start my pursuit of a college degree.

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They are well respected. MBA Ranking. Online Ranking. Actually, if you look at the rankings of their Online programs, they are very highly ranked.

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Is anyone trying to do a double major?

Asu: arizona state university

I want to bring it up to my advisor but I feel like she underestimates my academic capabilities even though I have A's in all of my courses. I am currently a Psych major wanting to double with Criminology. Just wanted some advice about how to bring it up and advocate for myself because I know what I'm capable of. Is this still a GPA padding course?

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I read somewhere on reddit that the course was made harder a year ago. MAT, "College Math" is a required course for many liberal arts majors; I'm a History major and had to take it for my degree. It's really not that hard if you keep a few tips in mind:.

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If you don't know something, use the "I don't know" button. This is the opposite of what your professor will tell you to do - BUT. Better to have slightly more homework and ensure you learn everything.

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You can ignore the book and extra videos, they aren't necessary at all. The lectures are actually quite good and will give you all the info you need.

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There is a hand written asment you need to do for each section. Read the problems before you start the section, and keep them in mind when you watch the lectures Definitely do the practice exam for each section. If you don't score well, take it again until you do.

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I didn't bother to any of the exam review Zooms, but if you need it, they're available too. You can work ahead in the class.

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Peer reviews are a joke. More than half the class will have no idea what they're doing, so it's a big waste of time, but they are required. I also participated on the "Inscribe" forums where you can ask for help mostly contributing advice rather than asking for it I had students passionately argue with me trying to push the wrong answer The exams are video proctored by some invasive software you have to install on your browser. I don't know what they're worried about people cheating on; you can have a calculator and they give you a sheet with all of the formulas that you're allowed to keep open in a separate tab -- if anyone has to cheat past that, I feel sorry for them.

Hi guys! I have a few courses left to graduate I'm an educational studies majorbut they aren't being offered in the Spring, and some haven't been offered for a few semesters now.

A couple arizona state university students react to another student's "police lives matter" sticker at a multicultural center. drama ignites in multiple subs.

Has anyone else encountered this situation? Has anyone taken this class?

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I registered for it for Spring B, and I'm wondering what the workload is like I have two other upper division classes I'm taking with it. Found the internet! Hot New Top Rising.

Arizona state university - online

Hot New Top. Posted by Geographic Information Science ' Archived Comments are locked Stickied post. Posted by 4 days ago. Double Major?

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MUS Beatles. Posted by 5 days ago. MAT - Inside details for anyone who has to take it. It's really not that hard if you keep a few tips in mind: 1.

Arizona state university now requires everyone on campuses to wear face coverings

Some other thoughts: You can work ahead in the class. Posted by 10 days ago. Required courses for major not being offered. Which upper level English class should I take?

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HPS - History of Medicine. About Community.

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This subreddit focuses mainly on questions and issues about Arizona State University and its online component. News about ASU in general is welcome.

Arizona state university. is it’s online programs actually good?

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