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No recent wiki edits to this. At long last, the Phoenix is over, and New Year's Eve approaches. For winter vacations, Julis invites Ayato to visit her home in Lieseltania.

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Double Asterisk by wyrvel is a continuation of Dead-Eyed Tsuna. Now in its second book, it details the merry misadventures of Tsuna and Hibari in Varia, the ongoings of the Federico Household as well as the shenanigans of the Bovino family As the author puts it, now that the backstory bits are over and done with, it's time for character plot development Dead-fic as of 26 November As usual, summary by the author: Tsuna has decided to latch onto Hibari, and Hibari has decided they ought to go to Italy.

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This would be nice, if it weren't for the fact that Hibari is a danger to society, all of his friends are almost as traumatized as Tsuna is, and the job Tsuna is in Italy for? Committing treason.

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The mafia is eating itself, the yakuza is in disarray, and at the top of it all, Hibari Kyouya has decided he's going to rule over everything, using the Varia, Tsuna, and a delightful group of emotionally unstable magical teenagers as stepping stools. Some are more okay with this idea than others. Can also be found at FanFiction.

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Net The wiki can be found here. This is the second of a multi-story behemoth: The Abalone Funeral Dirge. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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