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I would like hunting Bernie sanders cuck meme woman that loves filipina

Fuck off, Bernie. I found a ball meme that I like. Oh RachelMaddow, you ignorant cuck.

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I'd make a cuck meme about jeb but this guy looks exactly like him. Oh RachelMaddow, you ignorant cuck. This comic is bombing because it requires knowledge of Starbucks, Twitter, and white supremecists.

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In it, she wore a Bernie Sanders shirt. The video now has more than 27 million views on Twitter alone.

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Until the beginning of March, Neekolul was just another Twitch streamer. The year-old, whose first name is Nicole and who declined to share her last name, told Kotaku she began streaming in while studying to be a STEM major, only for her Twitch progress to outpace her work on her degree.

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Ultimately, after a switch in her studies to business marketing, she decided to put her education on hold and ride the wave of momentum that playing Fortnite had given her channel. Over time, she branched out in more ways than one, playing a variety of games at the cost of viewership but also pouring time and energy into other platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where she posted videos and pictures of herself posing, dancing, and lip syncing to songs.

The video did well on TikTok, amassing overlikes, but it did even better on Twitter, picking up millions of views in a matter of days. Within a few days of posting the video, she gained 40, Twitch followers, followed by another 40, in the weeks following.

Where just days before she posted the video, she was streaming to audiences of around concurrent viewers, she suddenly had raucous audiences of 1, on her hands. But I think without really realizing it, I hit this sweet spot.

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I want to say the gaming community, but really just the internet likes [a mix of] cute but also cringe. The video is mesmerizing in a way that makes you feel a small amount of secondhand embarrassment. In it, Neekolul performs a hyper-feminine and cutesy series of dance movements, with the bordering on cloying.

Hate sharing can be a powerful thing.

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And in this case, it happened among older people who may well have been encountering this off-kilter, hyper-exaggerated cute-meets-cringe aesthetic for the first time. Neekolul also thinks that she represents a break from the norm of what people commonly associate with Sanders supporters, erroneously or not.

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Those points were brought up without me even sending them out, you know? Her family came over to California from Mexico, and she represents the first generation in her family to be born in the United States. At points in her childhood, she was poor, and her parents were always working, juggling regular jobs and starting their own business. Video games entered her life as a distraction from sporadic loneliness.

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This upbringing also informed her political views. Now Sanders has dropped out of the race entirely.

People can ask her questions in her chat. They can see her behave relatively casually, playing video games, or expanding on her political views. She enjoys this element of her sudden stardom. Recently, somebody even recognized her in League of Legendswhere she was nothing but another hero on the battlefield. But because her presence alone has become a meme, some people also see her streams as fodder for further memes—bountiful farms for out-of-context clips.

This allows them to experiment, to say things that might otherwise be awkward or embarrassing, while surrounded by a comfortable shield of irony.

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The situation is just absurd. Neekolul has acknowledged the idea of simps on multiple occasions. This was one such case. I have to entertain people. Neekolul still finds this surreal.

Others who profess to be fans call for a return to a time when Neekolul acted more traditionally adult-like in her videos. But the egirl aesthetic Neekolul draws on in her more recent videos is, like so many other aspects of her persona, more complicated than it appears on its face.

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Participating in memes, dances, and building communities on apps like TikTok involves things like choreographed dances, makeup trends, and lip syncing to popular songs The fact is, these are young women who are on their own journeys of discovering their interests—the only difference is, now more than ever—that most of this is played out on video for the world to see. Deriding young girls for self-discovery, especially in a way that mimics most normal behavior, is really missing the point of the issue of infantilization.

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But you know what they can have control over? Their presentation online And I would advise against judging or underestimating them because of it. While Neekolul has capitalized on her big moment about as effectively as anybody facing so many prying eyes could hope to, she still feels like a small fish in a big pond. Increasingly, though, people do know her—and not just as a meme, either.

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Whatever you want to call your cleavage. Good on her for keeping up the momentum, but a spade is a spade. Image: Neekolul. By Nathan Grayson. Photo: Neekolul. Culture Twitch.