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Francais woman hunting for male to Bra fails tumblr

Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.

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I wear a 34D the cup fits but the band is too big if I go down to a 32 D the cups are too big. I have the same problem with bathing suits. I need a large but the the band is huge!

What is my age: 30
What is the color of my hair: Brunet
My favourite drink: I prefer to drink rum
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Here we are, at the end of the road. It was fun and insightful and we discovered hidden truths about our luxurious bodies. After several months of not wearing a traditional bra I was not looking forward to wearing one again. As I picked up my traditional, D cup, underwired, brazier, I was morose, gloomy and annoyed.

Sports wardrobe malfunction tumblr

I kept eyeing the others fantasizing about wearing them instead: the Onesie, the Boob Tube, the Pasties, all of them were much more attractive than this apparatus of levers-and pulleys. My breasts were held up like cups full of offerings to the king he wishesno over bouncing on the tuk-tuk ride, just little quivers that rippled through my yabbos and it made my silhouette big up top and small in the middle. It was tight, I wanted to take it off the minute I got home, and I was annoyed how it contorted my body.

It made me feel attention seeking. Girls, take care of your girls! Our pinch pots our for us to love, enjoy, look at and care for. Put thought into how you wrap or unwrap your lunchables. They are a minicosm of us; they need love, tenderness and lots of support.

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They are not accessories for a display. Go out and buy a different bra for every activity in your life.

Big boobs with bra tumblr

Rotate them like shoes, and do it all in the spirit of being Jiggly. Later companies added removable shoulder straps and adhesive, similar to the Free Bra, taking it from a popular meat puppet enhancer to the chic-filet bra of your dreams. Use it as a soft squishy pillow on a warm day.

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Put it over your eyes and eliminate circles, while recalling your view from the womb. If you freeze it completely, use it to pack a lunch and keep food fresh all day long.

Epic fails

I like to keep some at my desk fully frozen and just when my boss throws stuff at me, to do, I chuck one of these at the door, threatening her life. We all have a chuckle afterwards. You can never have too many frozen cutlets around the house, it seems like someone is always in need of an iced cha cha.

For the outdoorsy types, keep the bird bazoongas at room temperature. Then lay them with the adhesive side up. No more getting bit with the chick-tit at your bench. Let me get this part over with; it covers the knobs and holds your mamas in place. Also, it is easy to clean, just swip, swipe, wipe and put it away.

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This thing is a no-go! And why would they?

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So while your beams may be held tight, they are held tight down, not up, which is a little uncomfortable. We all could have saved some time. You end up feeling like a bachelors microwave. He was going to just heat up something real quick, then his friend came over and they started playing Halo. Now the chicken breast will sit there until he heats up his left over pizza in four days.

Also it itches.

Selfie fails tumblr

I felt like a hen with lice, always itching and moving, etc. I wore this bra for 7 days and it felt like double that. Men and women alike seemed to appreciate my silhouette more, in this silicone valley. One Bra fails tumblr I was riding on the back of a motorcycle with a friend of mine.

They feel weird. I laughed out loud and explained what it was. Women wear falsies because it gives them more attention, and they have no intention of you or anyone else finding out the truth. Even women complimented me more in this bra, I appreciated the attention. See a man fluffs up his income, persona, looks, yada yada, all to get lucky. Like a turkey during mating season, they do their dance to get their chance.

But women are different. We generally have no interest in the mating ritual. But I digress…. The point is, in general, we are going home alone, by choice, happily and men will never know the truth. We will always be that adorable big busted chick in the bar that you almost had.

Jiggly: the chronicle of going braless

And we will gratefully think of you and your compliments as we slip out of our stupid high heels and put on our granny panties, to climb into our hug bed and hug our pillows. Bottom line chickadees, get your compliments from something more substantial - false boobs are false compliments, and truthfully, compliments on real boobs, are too.

You know what? Not only do I have to compete with other normal, beautiful women; but also with models, who were historically deed from the bodies of 12 year-old boys Yea, look it up. Everything in magazines and parties lately are sexy animal themes. And now these cockle-doodle-doo melon halter?

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Enough is enough! My Paula Abdul moment, when I wear classes inside and think my bra is chicken. I love being a star! Essentially it is two Pasties that have a clasp Heck yea!

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Did I just invent a boob name? Someone get Urban Dictionary on the phone and my trademark lawyer cousin.

No matter what you call it, I give it a 7 out of 10 on the Fluffy Pillow Scale, the highest rating so far. This bra is so inconspicuous you will totally forget you have it on. Because it sticks to you solely with adhesives there is absolutely nothing to bind your biddies. Nothing to shift, strangle or suffocate your lungs, it feels miraculous.

Believe me, Thailand is the best place in the world to have such a challenge and this thing just hung out regardless of my generously perspiring paw patties. While the adhesive is easy to clean with water and still sticks to the body, it has to be held by something tight after the first day. However, if you change into something looser or just walk around your house in the bra, it will slowly peel off like that nail polish you had in the third grade. Also, it is not bounce resistant. When I was riding around in the back of a bus through the jungle, my hippos really did a lot Bra fails tumblr jogging.

There are little, dime-sized p that come with the bra to cover the chest berries, but seriously, I never know where my nipple will end up in a bra, even if I ask it, it will go wherever it wants. Ladies, we are lazy with our boobs! We run households, businesses, relationships, bank s, drive cars, we are the people that get stuff done.

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Why are we so lazy with our bras. Think about your activities and consider a bra for that activity and if you wear bras a day, good! The point is, wear the bra that fits your life in each moment.

With a little Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boobie and a few wardrobe changes in the day, you will have health, comfort and perkiness. This tank top has adjustable straps and is basically spanks for your torso. I consider this a bra alternative because it really holds the hills close to the earth!

I rate this puppy pusher a 3 out of 10 on the Fluffy Pillow Scale.

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This is absolutely perfect for hanging out no pun intended at Bra fails tumblr or for my hippy friends who like their flapjacks free. This tank-top allows a girl to be bra-less and sag-less at the same time. The sheer sheerness is alluring. Sorry, sometimes my brain escapes to In fact, I went to the market tonight and the Mountain Muchachas were staring at men. I hate it when they do that. The girls sit there all wide-eyed and nippled.

We really do need support. We need a lot of support because our skin is thin and it gets thinner as we get older. The best thing we can do for our bubbies, independent of our other health, is give them support. How we do it is up to us as individual women, but our breasts need to be supported the entire time we are vertical.

That being said, and i really do hate to beat a dead breast, but what is up with all this push up B. Our breasts are supposed to sit lower than a mans nipple, depending on how big they are.