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Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The wacky Sacha Baron Cohen is back once again after three whole years since introducing us to Borat with yet another crazy character who is out to trick people into believe he's actually real. How does it live up to that last hilarious movie? Is it an improvement over Borat or just more of the same?

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If you find yourself in a similar flush, do resist the urge to flee.

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Like a wayward love child of Lenny Bruce and the Three Stooges, Bruno is an idiot savant of penetration -- breaking through borders, boundaries and anything that resembles good taste on his way to whipping up as much cultural anarchy as he can. Besides, the whole boundary-pushing business is historically ever so thankless a task, just ask martyrs, comics and politicians.

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Like Borat, Bruno is on a journey. Watching is akin to that horror film feeling: the cringe as the unsuspecting soul approaches the trap, the wince as it snaps closed and the hysteria-tinged laughter as the flailing begins. There is mostly unmentionable usage of equipment and substances accompanied by a lot of broad physical naked silliness in an extensive sex scene featuring Bruno at the opulent height of his European television talk show career.

Ah, the glory days.

Bruno is a product of sacha baron cohen's bourgeois sexual neuroses

But as so often happens, excess brings a fall from grace, and the rest of the film is spent as Bruno tries to resurrect his career. That is, of course, if you buy into the idea that simply being famous is a career, which the ubiquitousness of the Kardashians, the Bachelorettes, the Housewives and the Hills would most definitely attest to.

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This is apocalypse now. The actor, an awkwardly tall British comic who always seems shy as himself, is fearless when he strips down as someone else. Go worldwide, go celebrity, go more outrageous and, as often as possible, go naked.

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You give it enough time, the public, the reviewers will allow you to satirize it. But will a swinging, singing penis buy anything more than a pack of cigarettes and cough 40 years hence? Both comics succeed in eliciting laughter and discomfort in equal measure.

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Yes, people will look shocked in an airport terminal if your baggage turns out to be a black baby in a box. And does the outrage from a largely black audience to the O. With Bruce there was always a biting moral to the story. With Larry, Curly and Moe, the message was delivered with a bruising bop on the head.

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Former Los Angeles Times film critic Betsy Sharkey is an award-winning entertainment journalist and bestselling author. She left the newsroom in All Sections.

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