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I would Bulma and vegeta daughter found guy that wants footjob

Bulla Is a very nice average Girl that still likes to go shopping. Vegeta always tried to Ask Bra if she could. On Beetwen the end of dbaf she was 38 years old.

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Without a doubt, some of the most interesting characters in Dragon Ball Z are the Saiyan hybrids.

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Shouldn't she be being born around now?

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The Dragon Ball wiki says Age current year in Super is when Bulla is born, but Bulma hasn't shown any s of pregnancy. Bulla was present at the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament when Goku left to train Uub at the end of DBZ, so unless we aren't going to see any of that stuff in Super which would be weird considering it happened in Z surely she should be born soon. Bulma is most likely pregnant currently if not then Bulma probably offers Vegeta a present for saving Trunks world They already fuckin'.

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I still defend that the End of Z will be retconned, but Bra will still exist, maybe Uub too. I don't get how people still think we're going to get the same ending. Too many different things have happened since then.

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Pan was also born 3 years earlier in Super than she was in Z. Bulla is born in the age Black is defeated, considering how vegeta is so upset with his family dying in the future and how things have gone, I guess this set up for them having her. I hope we start seeing s of her soon.

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A pregnant Bulma could be a comedic goldmine with her characters prominence lately. Yes she should.

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Toriyama read Dragon Ball Multiverse and forced himself to forget about her. Found the internet! Will the future events depicted at the end of Z even happen?

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Uub for sure, he got mentioned already in an episode. Continue this thread. This is my head cannon now. More posts from the dbz community.

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