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I would like seek Clan of the cave bear sex scene who loves teachers

He reached for her hungrily, kissing her mouth and her neck and then her body with starved ardour. She was equally hungry, equally ardent, and reached for his body in almost desperate need.

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Like, i get it, auel, they fuck. I read this book because i wanted to read about cavemen, not because i wanted to jerk it to Neanderthal erotica. Choose one genre: historical fiction or erotica. Clan of the Cave Bear is about the only noteworthy book in the series, in my opinion.

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So, off to meet Jean Auel, pronounced "owl'', as in tawny, barn, snowy, just in case you need these things pressing home. Auel writes books. Her books are novels, and are called things like The Clan of the Cave Bear and The Mammoth Huntersand they're all part of an ongoing prehistoric saga. Her heroine is Ayla, a Cro-Magnon woman. Her hero is Jondalar, a Cro-Magnon man. Ayla "seems to glow with a stunning beauty''. Jondalar has "unbelievably vivid blue eyes''.

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They throw a lot of spears, sharpen lo of flints, invent the needle and thread what else is there to do when you don't have telly? The sex scenes are very much of the "his loins ached with need'' school. It's the sort of sex scene where you know it's not going to be long before "urgent'' and "manhood'' come into it.

It's not exactly literary and that sounds snotty, particularly when you think what, say, Martin Amis wouldn't give for Jean Auel's spectacular, celebrated sales.

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The first four books in the series have sold 38 million worldwide in 28 languages. The fifth, the just-published The Shelters of Stonewas one at Amazon.

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Smith had orders forcopies. Her third, The Mammoth Huntersbecame the first hardcover novel to achieve a first printing of more than a million. Her fourth, The Plains of Passagesurpassed that with a 1. There are umpteen devotional websites, most of which are obsessionally interested in why The Shelters of Stone has taken 12 years to appear. Rumours abound. In particular the one that insists Auel had a run-in with some farm equipment that ripped her head off. We meet in south-west France. No, Auel is not French.

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She's American, an "Oregon housewife'' until, at age 40, she started writing. Her latest book is set here in Dordogne, home to the famous Lascaux cave - a prehistoric, painted cave and vast, limestone overhanging rocks. Auel believes in her characters. It's at Lascaux cave, where the press corps encounters Auel. She's 66, matronly, with big glasses and a little beaky nose. We go down into the cave to view the bison, horses, the odd goat and yet more bison, painted by the early modern humans. They'd have lived elsewhere, she says, and just visited these painted caves.

Like an art gallery? A spiritual place. Back at the hotel, I press on with The Shelters of Stoneall s. I've got tobut just can't read any further. Expositional dialogue, more aching loins and incredibly long, detailed passages on ice- age fauna and flora.

Thirty-eight million people can't be wrong? But it's truly perplexing. Maybe it is for those who like their historical romances to come with educational bits. Besides, Auel's research is apparently top-notch. The next day, we meet for our interview proper. Interesting book, I say in my usual creepy, cowardly way.

And the sex scenes!

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Did you have to take a deep breath before writing those? And then I'd attack Ray her husband!

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He did not mind. She writes all night and sleeps most of the day. So you're a night Auel? Auel has known Ray since primary school, married him at 18, and had five children by the time she was I'm beginning to think Ray is quite the dark horse. Auel is warm, loquacious, friendly. She looks good for someone who's had a run-in with farm equipment and had her head ripped off. Why has The Shelters of Stone taken so long?

Does your success seem real to you? I'm still me. Ray and I can travel when we want to.

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But I don't have any desire for gold faucets. Money can't buy happiness. Her agent is Jean Naggar who lives in New York.

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This agent Jean met the other Jean at a writers' conference in the late s. The other Jean then sent this Jean the beginnings of a short story she had in mind. That short story became The Clan of the Cave Bear.

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It was rejected by four publishers. We all laugh. Auel has the biggest, loudest laugh.

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Certainly, she knows what it is like to be poor. In the early days of her marriage, while Ray was at college, she brought up five children on practically nothing. They lived in a little place in Portland, Oregon, with two bedrooms. When Marshall got his own bed, he was so happy. Now, Ray and Jean live in a private mountainside retreat.

What was it like to have money for the first time? Her parents were not literary, but Auel was always desperate to read. She doesn't know why or where she came up with the idea for a prehistoric saga. She just did. And once she started writing, that was that. When Jean Naggar told me there was going to be an auction, I didn't even know what an auction was. Of course, I have an MBA, but no one ever seems to remember that. To help bring up their children, Auel worked at part-time clerical jobs, then full-time in the invoicing department of an electronics firm. She also took night classes in algebra.

So, the world of logarithms is not a mystery to you? And I can use a slide rule. Her first book was actually a manual for an electronics company called How to de a circuit board. And how many languages was that translated into? Queen of Stone Age sex. Please try again later.

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The Age. June 10, —