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Her ambitions are rarely clear and her plans are complicated, but you can bet that no matter what happens she will usually find a way to come out on top and with greater power. This is in reference to when the Traveler Starlight and Darkness obvious clashed in the solar system.

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This stunning property is nestled in tropical surroundings overlooking the forested hills of the Soufriere areawith a large balcony commanding iconic views of the Pitons and Caribbean Sea. The tranquil setting is enveloped by lush vegetation to its boundaries, providing a unique private getaway. Three-bedroom, two-bath Villa Destiny boasts a modern, open-plan de with comfortable living room opening to the balcony, and connects via the dining area to a well-appointed kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel sink. A convenient powder room is located off the kitchen and there is a laundry with washer and generous storage space. On the upper levela bright and airy wooden-floored loft provides a family TV room, opening to another spacious balcony with beautiful plunge pool and more amazing views over Saint Lucia's most famous twin peaks.

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The Queen of the Awoken is as much an enigma as the Reef she rules.

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It is said that she won her crown through ruthlessness, and that she stands as master of the Fallen House of Wolves in place of their defeated Kell. The City's rise spells an end to the Reef's age of isolation.

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The Queen will surely look to this new era as an opportunity. And the City, in turn, must look to her.

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The Reefborn Awoken have spent long ages out on the edge of everything, and they may know secrets of terrible weight - the Queen most of all. Mara Sov has a strong sense of justice, one that earned her the title of Queen. While her brother handles most of the tactical work, she looks after the people, making sure they have a place to stay and food to eat. She's kind and loving, but don't cross her. She's very unforgiving and hot headed.

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Starlight was my mother; and my father was the dark. Likes 9.

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This makes me so damn happy oh my god!! You're a miracle! Related wiki detailed oc template. Related wiki Audie's pretty okay oc template. Into Virtual Space?

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