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Having been captured it is no surprise that all of your weapons have been taken from you you are left with just your nanokey.

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Miguel is an ally to the player and can assist the protagonist, JC Denton. If JC is injured, Miguel will provide him with a medkit which he had smuggled in.

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If you dont stick close to him when you get to the retinal scanner that separates MJ12 base from the UNATCO building he will get stuck as the door closes behind you, trapping him in the MJ12 Facility for eternity. It feels good to help the NSF after realising they're the good guys all along.

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Honestly dissapointing. I was hoping he might give me aug canister or something but i got nothing.

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I should have killed him and get his item instead iirc he will drop multitool or medkit. Also for some reason he become hostile if i killed a unatco soldier in the room next to manderley's office.

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The entire point of Deus Ex is making moral decisions and playing the game how you would act in real life. I kinda wish he had his own character model and would show up in Hong Kong, but it is still cool breaking a bro out of prison.

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Found the internet! DX1 spoiler.

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Posted by PROD. Click to see spoiler.

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Subreddit dedicated to the Deus Ex series. Please stay out of the ladies' restroom.

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