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Host lady searching friend to Do ash and misty kiss

Ash and Misty especially stood out for them. Being roughly the same age and traveling together for so long, TV viewers couldn't help but wonder if there was something more to the pair. Years of cartoons beforehand trained them to think the main boy and girl get together in the end.

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Do ash and misty kiss

Amourshippers, fans who suspected and hoped for a romantic relationship between Ash and Serena, were indisputably vindicated by the surprisingly heartfelt moment. Misty and Brock have made several reappearances, and even Tracey pops up now and again. Max, Cilan, Clemont and Bonnie have never reed Ash, but they've appeared as cameos or in special episodes set after they've parted ways with him. This leaves Serena as Ash's only traveling companion who has reappeared at all since her journey with Ash ended.

Interestingly, Serena is the only one of all the girls Ash has ever traveled with that he personally invited along.

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Their friendship has never featured any of the childish antagonism that his friendship with Misty is famous for. Serena truly respects and admires Ash for who he is, and the two have a strong bond.

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Considering how popular Serena is, and how popular her relationship with Ash is, it seems like it would be a no-brainer for the show to bring her back. Many classic characters, like Gary Oak, have already had cameos, so it makes sense that fans are clamoring for Serena's -- long overdue -- return. At the time of writing, Dawn has just made her grand re-return to the series, having already come back once before during Ash's Unova campaign. That the series would opt to bring Dawn back a second time before bringing Serena back once doesn't bode well for the chances of it ever happening.

Unfortunately, that famous kiss is precisely why Serena will likely never return to the series.

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If she were to appear, the subject of that kiss would need to be addressed. The series is about adventure, not romance. Addressing Ash's and Serena's kiss would be too ificant a detour from the show's M. Bringing Serena back without addressing that kiss would not only be a disservice to the weight it brought to the story when it happened, but it would also unleash the fury of Amourshippers everywhere.

Serena's post-Kalos limbo is truly a no-win situation for the series. A character like Dawn can return multiple times because it was her journey that changed her.

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In Serena's case, meeting Ash changed her, so her return would require more emotionally intimate character interactions than a silly kid's show can afford. For better or worse, Serena's character arc is complete. Her return would either force the series to pivot away from its core tone or damage her legacy. At the end of the day, this is Ash's show and he's not ready for the maturity that Serena's return would force upon him.

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If Ash ever does grow up, and his journey comes to an end, he may indeed walk into the sunset with Serena. Until then, she'll have to stay in the fridge.

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