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Scenario: Friendship Is Magic is actually propaganda created by the evil Princess Celestia to convince humans that she is a good ruler. Celestia has them portrayed as villains in the show to ruin their reputations. What were these characters actually like?

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For the thousands of years she's been alive she must have quite a lot of things she regrets and things she fears maybe one of these things she fears is the loss of her position in power?

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Princess Celestia: That's not true! Why should she care for anypony? She could have turned the ponies against Celestia and fomented a popular uprising, and then capped it off with a classic coup. Celestia told her coldly, this caused Twilight's mouth to drop and tears finally came out.

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Everyone's reaction. But then she gets the mane 6 to use their elements of harmony on her to return Celestia to them. As Celestia having taken over Luna's duties prepares to fight Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, an evil version of Celestia, emerges, stating that, if Luna can turn into Nightmare Moon, Celestia can turn into Daybreaker. The episode A Royal Problem reveals a potential evil alter-ego for Celestia named Daybreaker, self-described as "the better, prettier, and more powerful version" of Celestia. The track centers around Daybreaker. She walked up to a torch sconce and turned it with her magic, caused the wall between two bookshelves to slide down and reveal a hidden room.

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Makuta: You predicted that Celestia would turn into you and you were right. All the ponies did so, Celestia focused magic on her horn. The better, prettier, and more powerful version of you! Everypony loves my night and stays up here! Even further back in time, Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 confirms that Celestia was an associate of the legendary Star Swirl the Bearded.

And just last night I turned into Daybreaker again, this time stealing my faithful student from her parents and trying to make her my own daughter. Daybreaker: Deep inside, you know how powerful you are. Upon reading an ancient legend, Twilight Sparkle realized Nightmare Moon is about to return, however her mentor, Princess Celestia, encouraged her to Evil celestia mlp friends instead of worrying about the supposed "old pony's tale". Daybreaker then states that Celestia doesn't need Luna and then engages Nightmare soon in battle, stating that she shouldn't have banished her, but destroyed her instead.

This enrages Celestia and causes her to transform into Daybreaker. Daybreaker: And through my reign, daytime lasts forever! It also begs the question how things would go down between these two if Celestia was to turn into Daybreaker instead of Luna into Nightmare Moon. Jun 26, He didn't seem to notice Daybreaker was there.

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Twilight warns Starlight, however, that the last time the sisters fought, Luna turned into Nightmare Moon and Celestia had to banish her for a thousand years. The following morning, Starlight and Celestia share a pancake breakfast again, and like the morning, Luna quickly enters only for food and attempts to leave. Its a powerful tool for information gathering, but we haven't seen anything like that. Celestia slowly being driven insane, inching closer to Daybreaker, calling out to her to be unleashed by the lyrics.

I definitely cant take this for granted. What became of this Pony of Shadows is unknown, but by the time Stygian and Luna make their way to his world, a new villain named Princess Eris is running things instead. Even when we were apart, I knew I needed her!

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Suddenly, they become curious to what Pinkie … Celestia starts to try and repeat Nightmare Moon's actions and turn into Daybreaker. Why can't it all burn? In The Crystal Empire - Part 1, Celestia describes how she and Luna worked together to defeated King Sombra, turning him into a shadow and imprisoning him in "the arctic north". If Evil celestia mlp doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Anime, pones and other cartoons as well as various commentaries on whatever I like, stick around and enjoy the show.

I leave behind my crown and proclaim my younger sister, Princess Luna, to be sole ruler. Dreamwalking isn't shown to be mind control. Using the power of the dream world, Celestia observes Luna's nightmare, in which she fears causing further sadness to the school foals. Celestia appears to pull Luna out of her nightmare and into Starlight's, where Luna witnesses the struggle between Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker.

Light Is Not Good: Just like how Luna's insecurities and jealousy of her sister turned her into Nightmare Moon, Celestia's resentment at The Chains of Commanding could manifest as Daybreaker, who appears to be just as dangerous as her lunar counterpart.

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It works, and Celestia apologizes. They were discussing whether or not to go back to the original timeline they came from.

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I'll never turn into you! Princess Celestia: No! Even when her sister turned against her, even when Celestia was left to rule all alone Celestia did her duties, for the ponies of Equestria. There were gasps of shock as Celestia read this proclamation outloud.

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Unfortunately, Twilight turned out to be right and Nightmare Moon was released durin… But when I realized that the girls had the Elements of Harmony, I thought they would banish Celestia into the sun! But she still had the magic needed to teleport all of them to the room in the castle where the elements of harmony were being kept.

Thanks, Spike. Celestia is a mysterious location that very few people understand. So daybreaker is real but celestia herself was never daybreaker. Will the ponies be able to save both Twilight and Celestia? Daybreaker is Princess Celestia's alter ego and Celestia's evil form.

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Spike, I was very scared. I feel as though my time to be a ruler good for Equestria has come to an end.

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Turns out the royal sisters are being a royal pain to each other, and here Starlight Glimmer does something really mature. She wiped her tears with a hoof. It is the floating island that can be seen in the sky above Teyvat, and the residence of the gods. She was not sure how to look for one, but if Celestia's memories were right, the skin would swell up and turn blue or purple. Since Nightmare Moon was born from Luna's envy and insecurities i'm guessing Daybreaker was born out of Celestia's hubris so things would be just about the same yet different, given Daybreaker's boisterous additude.

Luna: Celestia? Garble had gone out to see Sunny Flare. Her strength was somewhat depleted from her battle with Chrysalis as well as her time as Daybreaker.

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You don't need Luna. Long List: The to-do list for Celestia's day, that Luna has to go through, is as long as the huge diner table used by the princesses. She investigates. But why can't she just forsake it all? Daybreaker: Indeed I have. Daybreaker tries to make Celestia doubt her relationship with Luna, and she fights against Nightmare Moon.

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With Celestia and Starlight caught in the middle, Starlight fears she has doomed Equestria. For her Posts about Daybreaker written by pcclsky.

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Celestia always was the perfect princess and ruler, that's what everypony always expected of her. Unbeknownst to the man, Daybreaker was almost touching noses with him and holding her breath out of worry whilst checking his face for bruises. The mane 5 trotted out of the room with Spike, and Princess Celestia started to follow after them, giving Twilight a disapproving glare. Celestia turned Daybreaker!

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Celestia starts to try and repeat Nightmare Moon's actions and turn into Daybreaker. Today we are using Princess Celestia and transforming her into Daybreaker sometimes called Solar Flare. The sidekick I was looking for has been born. This version of Celestia is considerably arrogant, power-hungry, and destructive.

Daybreaker made her way into the restricted section of the Canterlot Archives, carrying baby Twilight with her.

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Daybreaker tries to make Celestia doubt her relationship with Princess Luna and fights against Nightmare Moon. Suddenly, they become curious to what Pinkie …. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by.

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