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I hunt for men that loves Fallout 4 survival sucks

Jump to content. Several functions may not work. After playing in Survival Mode for quite awhile now I have come to the conclusion that it brings nothing fun to the game.

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Sep 29, Was really looking forward to it after the excellent Hardcore mode in New Vegas, but goddamn did Bethesda bork this shit. Also, the damage upswing is ridiculous. Molotovs kill you in one hit, which sure, makes sense, but the thing is is that Molotovs, once thrown, trigger immediately, meaning you literally have no chance if an enemy decides to throw one, especially considering since it has an area of effect.

You can't possibly be expected to dodge that shit, especially if you're out in the open. Why couldn't have it so that you could enable aspects of the update in other difficulties?

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Like being able to implement the food and water requirements in other difficulties, which is the primary things people wanted with this update. Shit is unbelievably difficult and feels broken at times. ed Jul 16, Every 5 steps on skyrim and fallout I'm mashing F5. ed Oct 9, For over a month, I was mistakenly playing the Fallout 4 Survival Beta thinking it was the officially released one.

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The normal one is MUCH more manageable. Shy said:. ed Jun 9, Still feel like it should at least have auto-saving though tbh. Although, theoretically, since you can switch difficulties on the fly, could you maybe switch to a lower difficulty to save then switch back to Survival?

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EDIT: Nope. Fuck me. ImJustYeezy said:.

ed Nov 1, It says if you switch back from Survival to a lower difficulty that you can't return to Survival. ed Aug 21, ed Feb 27, ed Jan 29, Bonesv2 said:. Planisphaerium said:. Noel Edmonds said:.

ed May 20, Played it for 8 hours. Went back to hard. ed Nov 7, ed Aug 2, I actually forgot about this game.

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ed May 26, They talked about being inspired for Dark Souls for survival mode You can't make a DS-esque experience when you can randomly die to things that aren't even there and your game is buggy as hell. The combat isn't nearly refined enough either to even make this a viable option Also, imagine running into one of the many game breaking bugs in the game without the ability to quick save.

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You could lose so much progress by having to reload. ed Jul 4, Game is still buggy on ps4.

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ed Jun 29, ed Mar 31, Cant stand Survival mode. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion.

Poll: fallout 4 survival modeor not.

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