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Peter becomes a redneck after watching a blue collar comedy special, but his "git-r-done" antics get Quagmire fired from his job as an airline pilot. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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Chronicling the exploits of the Griffin family, each episode dispenses with irreverent sight gags and unexpected cutaways at a breakneck pace. Because the writers and animators cram so many jokes into a given frame, not every single one lands. Nevertheless, when the show works, it definitely works. At its heart was a boorish middle-aged man named Larry Cummings, who lived with his talking dog, patient wife, and teenage son. Jump ahead two decades and the show is still going strong.

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Family Guy will return to the air with its sights on the Emmys. No, not in terms of winning them.

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The animated Fox comedy kicks off season 15 on Oct. Later in the season, Family Guy will hit the episode mark with an installment that drives a stake through the heart of the Stewie-Brian friendship. Also, you will bid farewell to the late Carrie Fisher and Adam Westwelcome Sir Ian McKellen and Kristen Bell into the extended Griffin family, and see what happens when Quagmire gets his penis bitten off by a shark.

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Grab a first-aid kit and read what Family Guy executive producer Rich Appel had to say about the upcoming batch of outlandish cartoonery. The season premiere will take on and take down?

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K and Bill Maher. The family will quite consciously adopt the style, garb, and character roles of those shows….

Peter eventually discovers what he thinks is a conspiracy, and the people who Peter at first sees as the Emmy insiders provide a harsh lesson. When Peter loses his job at the brewery, the story is told three different times, each in the style of a different director: Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, and Michael Bay. The episode also features one of the last appearances of Peter's boss, Angela, voiced by late Carrie Fisherwho terminates Peter in each segment. The late actor will pop up in five episodes this season, including in the Michael Bay story from the "Three Directors" installment, in which he gets a political upgrade of sorts.

In another episode that follows a dollar bill throughout Quahog, the mayor "picks up a hitchhiking rat and has a one-sided conversation that only Adam West could pull off.

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The Deadpool star will be heard on the show for the third time, playing himself — and the piano. Remember the time that Stewie and Brian were locked in a vault at a bank? One upcoming episode has a similar two-characters-only flavor, and this time it's not Stewie and Brian but Stewie and Sir Ian McKellen. The legendary actor plays Dr. Pritchfield, psychologist who meets with Stewie after he gets in trouble at pre-school.

Pritchfield is "authoritative, probing, and ultimately a little victimized," according to Appel.

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The Good Place star Kristen Bell pops up as a possible love interest for Brian when he gets a job at a suicide prevention hotline. A canine connection could happen when he crosses paths with Ellie, voiced by Amanda Seyfried. You read that right: The whipping girl gets drunk for the first time. How does that work out for them?

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A special installment will open the "vaults" and give you a peek into classic Family Guy episodes. It turns out that some of his life revolved around his penis. Dan Snierson image. Save FB Tweet More.

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Peter-and-Lois- 1. Replay gallery.

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