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Chad Roberts born: March 6, [age 26]better known online as anything4viewsis an Australian YouTuber and streamer.

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Chad Roberts has been suggested to play 14 roles.

Years old: 49
What is my sex: Female
Hair: Redhead
Body type: My figure type is slim
My hobbies: Singing

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Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Shot out to Max getting affectionate when drunk.

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Gotta be one of my favorite genders. I am currently in the process of writing a KGB! Chad x MaxMofoe fanfic.

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It does not have smut. Simply, Russian agent romance.

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I was planning on posting this literally on the day when this story was put up but tumblr was being stupid and wouldn't let me. So this is gonna be a long story, but I wanna talk about it. It felt very friend-by-proxy with Max at best, that is, until Chad started talking a bit more about his relationship with George on Cold Ones.

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But this brings us back to Ethan and Hila and their relationship with George. They have a pretty good relationship it appears.

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He promoted them when they were still small creators. Hila made him a Pink Guy doll.

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They tried to go to his show at Rolling Loud. However, if the claim that Chad had made is true, it makes me wonder how George really felt about it. It should be noted, because George was careful in what he ed to his very niche audience.

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On a platform like Youtube, where creators scrape the barrel for something original, is taking an idea like that stealing? How many other immensely popular videos are out there that were inspired by friends of these creators? Anything4views Chad roberts.