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YUGI: werd up Gramps, can we's please see yo' super-rare-phat-chocolaty-fudge-coated-mega-super-card? JOEY: dat's da least threatening name fo' uh monster ah've ever heard.

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Send feedback. On this show they'll try to convince you that their musical tastes have evolved since High School and that their psyches are in a better place than they really are! Get to know them through their discussions of music, mental health, personal accomplishments and more! Each episode will feature new music from an underground artist you've probably scrolled past on Twitter!

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Tune in weekly, or don't. Available episodes.

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On this episode the boys have on V The Artist! They talk about everything from how V got started making hip hop, to pokemon and drugs, like usual.

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This episode pairs well with a nice sugar high and a trip to the liquor store. Tune in and vibe out! On this episode Del is out once again and Tae is tasked with filling the void in your hearts. Don't miss this one!

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Tune in and Vibe OUT! Sep 27, It's a rainy day for the boys and they decided to take a laid back approach to this episode. The conversation jumps between J. Cole, alternatives to the capitalist hell hole we find ourselves in and the latest cryptic tweet from Tory Lanez.

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Also, Tae challenges Chris Brown to a celebrity boxing match! Accompanying the conversation is a collection of LoFi tracks to put y'all in the same hepace as us. Tune in and Vibe Out! Sep 20, Leslie Avila. On this episode the boys have on a local community advocate, philanthropist, mushroom enthusiast, Leslie Avila DelightIsFull on IG and she talks about what she does for her community, how she started taking Mushrooms and what they did for her, and how YOU can break your programming as well!

This episode pairs well with a good head trip. Sep 6, Laino Beto.

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On this episode the boys have on Cool Ave's very own Laino Beto! They get down to the bottom of Certified Lover Boy pause and ask if hip hop billionaires Fine ass madness be doing more in the public eye! Aug 30, On this episode the boys discuss Tae's upcoming stunt, Donda's rollout and why we're exhausted before it finally droppedthat new Kendrick drop and nepotism in the entertainment industry. They also tap into why Khloe Kardashian is not allowed within 20Ft. Aug 23, In this episode, the boys talk about Kendrick Lamar's return, the public discourse around Lizzo and domestic terror?

They also talk on the OnlyFans situation, cam girls and more! Tune in and Vibe out! Aug 17, Travis The Leo. The boys are once again ed by Travis The Leo! The boys also talk about everything from what super powers they'd want and how they would use them to weed strains that will melt the paint off your brain.

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Aug 10, On this episode Zack Hurts fills in for Del's absent ass. The boys talk about everything from Dan. E's music and writing process to whether or not Michael Jackson used his new nose to snort coke. It's a trip.

Chapter 8: some fine ass madness

Aug 2, They also talk about Juice WRLD, being the "right" amount of famous and what they'd do if they were terminally ill. This episode also includes music from Tae and an outro from our lost guest Michael Milam!

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Links below. Jul 20, EP 6: What if Depression FT. Zack Hurts.

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On this episode the boys invite Zack Hurts on to talk about his latest single Alone, how he got a concussion in choir and Tucker Carlson? Another laid back episode with a dope guest you guys might like better than our hosts. Jul 12, On this episode the boys discuss how weed could revitalize the south, socializing at work and a potential spotify deal?!? Del also talks about how he should've been born a bad bitch? This episode also has music from two different artists! Check them out below! Jul 6, Travis The Leo features on this week's episode!

Yu-gi-oh: the ebonics'd series/transcript

They spend more time talking about drugs, North Carolina rappers and Tae's wild tech obsession than Travis OR the ep so Jun 28, Jun 20, In this episode Del and Tae tackle the issue of their d. It gets deep and a little dark ngl but they find some comfort along the way. Jun 14, What do hispanic house parties, assless chaps, J. Cole and shrooms all have in common? I don't know. Tune in and find out.

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