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There are lots of possible explanations. We all have a gag reflex — it's a lifelong automatic response that helps prevent choking. Until your baby's about 4 to 6 months old, he also has a reflex that causes him to thrust his tongue forward whenever the back of his throat is stimulated.

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Click the 'ono' logo to check out our pet brand! By Dawn Winkelmann, M. When it comes to introducing solids to baby, I get a lot of questions about gagging. Parents are concerned about their baby gagging when introducing a spoon, especially since a gagging episode can lead to future food refusal.

Here are six ways to decrease gagging when spoon feeding your baby. Self-Feeding: A gag reflex is a response that prevents us from choking. When babies are first learning to eat, this reflex is new and hypersensitive. If we are in control while spoon feeding baby, we can unintentionally push the spoon in too far, too hard or too high resulting in gagging. So, I encourage parents to offer baby a spoon that is a self-feeding spoon rather than a spoon that is deed for parents to feed their baby.

This type of feeding encourages baby to have more sensory awareness since they are controlling the spoon and in less gagging episodes.

Why does my baby gag?

Most spoons geared for babies are too big, causing gagging and choking episodes. When your baby sticks out their tongue, place the spoon close and see if you can observe tongue tissue on BOTH sides of the spoon. If not, the spoon is too big. Slow Down: The rate and speed that we offer foods can either decrease or increase gagging.

If baby starts to gag, slow down. Dip the spoon into the puree and hand it to baby.

How can i tell if my baby is gagging or choking?

Let baby take the spoon, feed himself and swallow when ready. Encourage baby to pause and learn about the food and the spoon in between bites. Be sure to give baby enough time to swallow all the tastes lingering in the mouth before offering more food from the bowl. Give baby tiny bites from a tiny spoon.

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Having baby learn about new tastes and textures in tiny increments of food will decrease their tongue-thrust reflex. This decreases gagging and makes baby more comfortable at mealtime.

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It will make you feel more confident too! Smash : There is a misconception that babies without teeth gag more when starting solids than babies with teeth. This not true. Babies do not need teeth to eat because we are offering soft, safe, manageable textures that baby can easily smash with their gums.

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s : Look for s of fullness such as turning their head, pulling away, closing their mouth tightly, expressing disinterest, pushing the spoon away, stopping you from putting more food on their plate or even handing food back to you. Pay attention to these s and allow baby to control how much they explore and eventually eat.

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Continue to offer a variety of foods, tastes and textures and allow your baby to make the decision about how much they will consume. This will strengthen the feeding relationship you have with your baby as well as decrease gagging!

Potential choking hazards for young children

What other tips do you have to decrease gagging when spoon-feeding? Have you used our Tiny Spoon? If so, tag us in your pics with the hashtags ezpzfun tinyspoon. Dawn Winkelmann M. She has 26 years of experience teaching parents and medical professionals how to start babies on solids safely and encourage toddlers to overcome picky eating.

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Why does my baby gag?

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Happy Feeding! Dawn Winkelmann, M. Leave a comment Name. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published.

Choking hazards

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