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Fatties girl picking Girl grabbing guys crotch to lapdance

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What is my age: I'm 24 years old
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A couple of weeks ago I had two strangers grab my crotch in one night.

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The first time I was at a bar and I approached a woman and asked her what the name was of the type of dress she was wearing. She didn't say anything and she reached over and grabbed my crotch. The second time I was walking home after the bars were closed and I passed a woman on the sidewalk who reached over and grabbed by crotch. Obviously this isn't pleasent. I know that feminism says that the reason guys do that sort of thing to women has to do with power, and domination and not necessarily sex. However why would a women Girl grabbing guys crotch that with a guy. I know if I ask "the bros" about this they'll just be like "she wanted to sleep with you man" but if that's the case there's infinitely more polite ways to express that without being any less direct.

Your answer isn't super detailed but I'm at least relieved you're not telling me I'm making this up. Thank you so much for that. Maybe it's good that I'm having people accuse me of starting drama or making up stories because it's really giving me a fresh perspective on what a lot of other people have been though.

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I'm sorry that happened. Hope you're ok. I can't really tell you why those women did what they did. I'm fine but I haven't really been out drinking since then, but it's not a healthy habbit anyway. I wish i could explain why but I can't without looking like a huge idiot, and I feel like I've already made a fool of myself in this thread. Because they're drunk, creepy assholes and that shit isn't okay. People with bad takes can also get sexually assaulted.

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You're kind of talking like an anti-feminist right now. I'm honestly shocked this is the top comment in this thread. You're a troll. Stop wasting your time here.

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You're welcome back anytime you have a serious question. Look I may have some misunderstandings about feminism but the events that I described actually took place and it's honestly pretty hurtful that you don't believe me. Actually maybe "misunderstandings about feminism" is putting it too lightly.

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I'm a pretty terrible person and I've been extremely disrespectful towards women at times. That still doesn't mean I'm making this up. I think sometimes some women feel they are "allowed" to be sexually aggressive or assaultive with men because of the incorrect assumption that men always want sex or that men would be grateful for their advances.

The women who grabbed your crotch without your consent were committing sexual assault. Their reasons are, frankly, irrelevant. I don't care why the man who grabbed my ass thought it was okay to do it. He grabbed me without my consent. Similarly, I don't care why these women grabbed your crotch. If you want to discuss the broader societal issues surrounding men's consent and how to be an empowered sexual woman with agency without committing assault or infringing on another's right to consent, that's fine.

But as for why these specific women felt it was okay for them to grab you, I have no idea. I'm sorry this happened to you. There is nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable or hurt or even scared by it. There is nothing wrong with feeling violated. You are not obligated to want sex all the time nor are you immune from being sexually assaulted.

Your reaction does not affect your strength or "manliness" or anything. I've had something similar happen to me twice. Once I was walking down a street and a prostitute walked up and grabbed my crotch street prostitution was legal there. I just acted revolted and Girl grabbing guys crotch away quickly, but I was pretty shocked and it effectively ended the night for me. I was traveling with a bunch of strangers who didn't seem to get why this bothered me at all and didn't really want to talk about it, so I've never told anyone.

Another time I was in a bar with my friends on spring break.

I was talking to two women in their fifties who were also staying at our resort. One of them decided to just slide her hand between my ass and my bar stool, just completely out of Girl grabbing guys crotch. I wasn't saying anything in the least bit flirtatious; I wasn't physically close to them; I was just making small talk at a bar. That really creeped me out, especially because I was at the same smallish resort as them and kept worrying about avoiding them the rest of the week.

This time I was with three really good male friends, and they still joke about it sometimes, which is pretty damn shitty. I'm not sure why those women did that. In the first case, she was obviously trying to make money so I can only imagine that's worked for her in the past.

In the latter--I don't know? Creepy older woman who really misread some als? Just figured she would never face any repercussions? I have no idea. I'm sorry that happened to you. I think we can sometimes drive ourselves a bit crazy asking why someone would do something so crappy- and that's maybe not always the best thing we can do for ourselves?

I'll give you my opinion in a second, I just want to make something clear first. If this is something that's negatively impacting you, and that's completely normalmaybe think about getting some professional help? Just talking about it in a safe space can sometimes do wonders. Now, I think there's a societal explanation to why women do things like this- and it's usually different from men.

Women aren't really taught that they're the ones who need to get consent.

I mean, we barely teach consent at all- and we've made almost none of that progress teaching women. There's this expectation that men always want sex, or are grateful for any kind of sexual advance. And that's really screwed up. But it's something that women internalize. So those women might not even know they did something wrong, which is horrible. Ok yeah but even if you think men always want sex why "make an advancement" in such a rude fashion.

What ever happened to being flirty and playful and coy? It can have to do with power or showing off to girl friends. The reason doesn't necessarily have to change because there's a woman doing it.

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I guess you're looking for a broader, societal answer like when we talk about masculine norms and lack of consent education, lack of consequences, etc in regard to how men learn to be sexually aggressive and commit assault. However, there likely isn't one, because this is a rare occurrence. If many women were frequently doing this then we'd have to look to the broad considerations of what is going on in society that's creating this, but it's not so the answer is likely as other people said, these two particular women were creeps.

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Humorous image of woman grabbing mans crotch

Why would a women grab the crotch of a man she doesn't know. Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. Because she's a fucking creep.

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