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There were a lot of things that lent themselves toward people complaining about Christensen as Anakin.

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Are you ready for more Star Wars than you ever imagined? Well, you should be. During Disney's investor call today, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy dropped a whole bunch of news about the franchise in a galaxy far far away. Plus, she announced a new theatrical movie about fighter pilots that will be directed by Wonder Woman 's Patty Jenkins.

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I think the exact opposite and that he did the very best he could with the lines and parts that were given to him.

Can some of you back me up? My interpretation is that Anakin is already a villain by the beginning of AotC.

The evidence for that includes Lucas saying that he needed Anakin to be a young boy in TPM in order to show that Anakin used to be a good person. In that light, every weird thing he says and does is a reflection of his unhinged, obsessive, fearful, and angry personality. And IMO Hayden pulls it off spectacularly.

6 reasons hayden christensen's anakin skywalker was not the worst

Hayden Christiansen played this role perfectly. The scene where he murders the separatists on mustufar has great acting.

He's a good actor. I would recommend showing him Shattered Glass or Life as a House. He absolutely steals the show and when given strong material and direction, he shines. Unfortunately, he's taken on a lot of mediocre to bad projects but there's no doubt in my mind if he reprised his role as Anakin he would CRUSH it.

6. sand really does suck, okay?

I will also note that during filming of AOTC, Hayden protested to his characterization to Lucas multiple times, saying he didn't want to be a whiny and angsty Anakin. It was Lucas who insisted that that's the way the character needs to be portrayed and George himself has admitted to this multiple times.

Or even better yet, imagine Leonardo Dicaprio in the role. Guess what? It's still awkward dialogue.

No, but their performances still suffer in all three prequels due to the stilted dialogue and characterization. Your friend is going to think what he wants. But if he has a job maybe point out that Hayden did what his boss asked of him and gave his performance as directed and scripted. If your friend did his job as directed by his boss and lots of people didn't like his output would he agree that he sucks just because a lot of people have decided he does just because he did his job as he was told to?

Disney just announced a bunch of crazy 'star wars' news

Found the internet! My friend thinks Hayden Christensen sucks because of his role as anakin.

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Why did he just do okay in your opinion? Continue this thread. He kinda does tho. More posts from the prequelappreciation community.

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