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Along the way the player must acquire servants who lend their powers for the good of mankind.

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As you descend deeper into the mysterious Ultimate Lair, you learn that this is where the God Bhunivelze experimented with creations in order to surpass humanity. By making the beasts fight for survival and then infusing them with the souls of chaos, he hoped to create a being that surpassed all others and could replace humanity once they overstayed their welcome. That monster was Ereshkigal. The answer is careful preparation, relentless assaults, and understanding just what this monster is. In short, the strategy you want to employ is one of the most aggressive you will ever find in this game — relying on spells, physical assaults and a plethora of status ailments.

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Ereshkigal is Bhunivelze's most powerful creation, hinted to be ready to replace humanity when they no longer meet the deity's standards. Lightning faces the creature to prove humanity's worth to him.

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Ereshkigal is slow, but at first has strong defenses that will mitigate most damage. It starts the battle with Walled Heart and Spirit Barrier that set his defenses. It will buff itself at certain intervals. Any debuffs will need to be cast twice to take effect. Ereshkigal's Grand Impulse is a physical attack that affects the entire floor, and its Judgment shoots bolts at Lightning. Ereshkigal's countdown is uttering phrases "Meteor unleashed", "Words of power intoned Its Meteor spells ignore resistance, allowing each hit to do around 3, damage, unless Ereshkigal has Defaith. Meteor increases in power the more Ereshkigal uses it, upgrading it to Mega Meteor, Giga Meteor, Tera Meteor, and finally Exa Meteor, which summons more meteorites and can land several strikes, killing Lightning instantly.

Ereshkigal's Resonance deals multiple strikes that grow stronger with each successive hit. It deals high damage even through guarding but it is not lethal if one heals. Ereshkigal can also use Trine, which summons three energy balls that slowly home in on Lightning before exploding. At half healthEreshkigal will use Awakening to remove its barriers and double its Strength How to beat ereshkigal Magic. It will start using its ultimate spell, Super Novathat also ignores resistances and can easily kill Lightning, unless Defaith is active.

During Awakening some of Ereshkigal's attacks change.

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For example Judgment becomes Final Judgment, which assaults Lightning three times in a row with lethal damage. Trine becomes Hexine that increases the of energy balls from 3 to 6. Staggering Ereshkigal removes barriers, making it more vulnerabile to damage.

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The first stagger adds the Foggy effect, making it unable to use magic abilities. It will only use the physical ability, Grand Impulse, and its stagger gauge can be rapidly affected by magic attacks.

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The second stagger removes the Fog effect. When Ereshkigal is staggered a third time, debuffs will only require a single cast and it becomes highly susceptible to Poison.

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Heavy Slash should be equipped in the two schemata other than L'automne, with equipment to steal buffs from Ereshkigal Crippling HoodWarrior Hunter's Mask. Light Slash will allow Lightning to go airborne during staggers for the lowest ATB cost to avoid Grand Impulse, while Aero should be used to remain airborne by alternating spell casts with L'automne. Ailment abilities should include DeprotectImperilPoison and Slow. The player should immediately cast Slow to render Ereshkigal even slower than it already is any debuff takes two castings to take effect on Ereshkigal to give a better margin of time to stagger it without risk of Meteor or Resonance, although Slow must be cast frequently during the battle.

With this tactic the player will remain afloat rendering Grand Impulse useless, and maintain a rapid and constant stagger level. As soon as Ereshkigal uses offensive buffs, like Bravery or Faith, the player should steal them. Continuing with this setup will guarantee Ereshkigal gets staggered.

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Once Ereshkigal is staggered, the player should repeat the above procedure until staggering it again. On its second stagger, Ereshkigal is freed from Fog but the above methods still apply.


The player should persist or Ereshkigal will regenerate its barriers. The player should steal any offensive buff during this stage, preferably Bravery, as it will be crucial during its third stagger.

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The player should also use an Elemental Potion during this stage. Once Ereshkigal is staggered a third time, the player should cast Poison as it can deal enormous damage to Ereshkigal over time. If Poison comes with increased Status Ailment Duration, it can deal close to a million damage with a single casting. One should also abuse Overclock if possible to cut Ereshkigal's HP as fast as possible. If the player doesn't kill Ereshkigal in its staggered stage, once it recovers it likely has lost enough HP to enter its more aggressive battle phase where it has reduced defense and remains susceptible to Poison, and thus the player should just focus on dealing damage and casting Slow and Poison regularly.

The game does not state what kind of creature Ereshkigal is, but it has elements of both Wyvern and flying Cie'th enemy types: it's basically a Wyvern with a winged Cie'th body attached to its head. The model is identical to Ereshkigal, but has a different color scheme.

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