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Many men desire to learn how to cum far. The ability to shoot ejaculate at farther distances increases sexual satisfaction for both partners. A man who can shoot lo of cum farther enjoys stronger orgasms and has more self-confidence. Volume Pills help guys earn the reputation of a stud, since women talk and they will eagerly tell their friends of your unusual abilities in bed. But the average distance that a man can normally ejaculate is between one and 2 feet 30 — 60 cm. Luckily, bigger load supplements such as Semenax and Volume Pills stimulate the body to produce more cum.

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What to know about ejaculate volume and distance

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Woody Miller Jan Read it in 30 minutes! She can see the heat in your cheeks, your muscles tightening and the energy building as the moment of inevitability approaches.

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You let out a moan and she braces herself for the money shot and…drip, drip, drip. Which of those two scenarios do you think is going to be more memorable and pleasurable for her? And for you, too. What you may lack in muscle or penis size you can more than make up for in a dazzling display of liquid excellence.

Most women would take an erotic penis over a big one and choose an arching ejaculation over bulging biceps.

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Urologists agree that you can learn how to cum more and ificantly increase the force and the distance your ejaculate leaves your body if you pay attention to a few things. The only thing supplements can pump out to great distance is the money out of your wallet. Strong pubo-recto muscles, amplifying the sexual turn-on, drinking the right fluids, using the right hand technique, and building up semen will make you cum like a grenade launcher.

Pelvic floor muscles force semen up and out of your penis by synchronized contractions. So guess what?

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You need to train those muscles to stomp on your reproductive tract like a narc at a biker rally. Here are some physical and psychological techniques to redline the desire meter.

How to cum far – 10 easy ways for men to increase ejaculate distance

Chapter Five: Semen. More volume means more pressure, which means more launch force.

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Try these proven tactics for increasing your semen volume. This chapter will show you some neat tricks that will get your dick harder than a frozen turkey. In baseball, how you hold the ball influences the speed at which it releases.

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Here are a few techniques that will get you over the home plate. Reviews Review policy and info.

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