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The Girlfriend is a tameable mob in the OreSpawn mod. They can fight for the player. Girlfriends will wear the Pink Tourmaline set and the Tiger's eye set from the Crystal dimension.

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Ideas I would like to see in vanilla Minecraft: 1 A grinding machine — similar to a furnace, but breaks down items like a leather tunic into pieces of leather.

Years old: 18
Where am I from: I'm philippine
What is my hair: I've short straight reddish hair
What I like to drink: Champagne
What is my hobbies: Fishkeeping

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Service for money. How to get a girlfriend in minecraft Hire how to get a girlfriend in minecraft service!

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I will make you a minecraft thumbnail I will make a Minecraft render. Minecraft renders are where you take your Minecraft save, convert it into a 3D model, and output an image using modeling or rendering software. I will add your Minecraft character if you play on Minecraft java tell me your user name if you are on Phone, Tablet,Windows Store edition send me your skin image if you use a custom skin it does not work for a skin that uses the skin maker in Minecraft.

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Check price. Are all the best men are already taken?

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Well, take some action. I will help you with advice to get it right. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about this gig.

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I will do minecraft, minecraft server, minecraft map, skin, icon, minecraft building null. I will draw you with your girlfriend or boyfriend ill draw you with your boyfriend or your girlfriend in funny style caricaturistic, full color with or without background.

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I will develop custom minecraft plugins Hello fiverrs, My name is Varun Sharma and i will develop cool Minecraft for you all at best and affordable rates I have been developing Minecraft plugins for the last 3 years for many Minecraft servers all around the world and now has ed this platform to help you all in getting the best experience of minecraft.

Am very positive that you all will shower me with your love and support.

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I will make a youtube banner with your minecraft skin and text I have just started making Minecraft character rigs for my small Minecraft channel. I can make some decently good modelling of your Minecraft character.

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I can make some parts of your Minecraft skin Extruded a special feature that lets you go out further than some bits of the skin. I am decent, but my cheap pricings will definitely amaze you. Hello my name is Farrel, and I'm a Minecraft builder.

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I've been playing Minecraft for 6 years and I am capable of doing really anything. The choice is yours.

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I will make you a custom minecraft terrain map Are you like me and think that default Minecraft Terrain is a bit eh? Do you want some epic terrain to include in your Minecraft World? If this is you and you want to have some small custom terrain then this is definitely the gig for you! I will make sure that your Minecraft map dream turns into a reality and I make the most beautiful map I possibly can.

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For over 10 years I have played Minecraft and have loved the game, I have been building Minecraft maps for a full 5 years and have learnt many new and different techniques over the years. I love talking to my clients and finding out exactly what they want and how I can make them happy they chose me :D What I promise to you: I will take your Minecraft idea and turn it into reality for you to play, edit and do whatever you want with! I will do 2d minecraft thumbnail ENG: Hi!

I am a professional minecraft deer, I will create your miniatures with a unique and striking style.