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Instead of adapting modern conventions, it updated all the things that made the original so memorable. There's no aiming down the sights, long cinematics, or even reloading; it's all frantic FPS goodness.

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The new one is a little too acrobatic for my tastes. Imps are tough but they're slow and stupid.

Also the player death sequence is pretty brutal for such a simple throwaway monster that's used all the time. Who says imps were meant to be slow? Where did this come from? They've always been on the swift but not too swift side. Keep in mind that they were only like that in the original because of limitations in terms of technology.

They made them acrobatic in DOOM 3 as well. Like basing it after the Doom 3 Hell Knight, which they did, which I thought was a good move.

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They even distinguished them in terms of tactic, wherein Barons are the slower tanks and Hell Knights are the Berserkers that get into your face with a preference for melee. Barons are pretty fricking fast for being so big, though. From a gameplay perspective most of the demons are a lot more interesting than their classic counterparts except the Revenant and Summoner.

Imp - attack patterns & features

The Revenant looks and feels like the classic one but he really doesn't pose a threat. The Summoner is too fragile compared to the almighty Archvile. They don't seem to be nearly as interested at closing the gap as Hell Knights, though, since they as you said prefer long ranged attacks.

The game.

They're slower or equal to the speed of every moving thing except lost souls and former humans. That also made them unlike pretty much any other standard monster. What's the point of having claws if they just move fairly slowly? That's one of the things I think Doom 3 improved upon was making them more agile and I like that Doom retained it.

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Like I said, it was because of limitations back then that prevented them from having advanced fast movement. I dunno where you got the fact that they're slower than everything else. They're pretty average. Who would win in a race? A rocket ship vs.

I mean, the answer is the same regardless of which Doom we're talking about. It's just that one game has dramatically different depending on whether you're talking about a typical player nowadays or the typical player the game was deed for. And in the latter case, it looks a lot closer to Doom '16'sthough still probably with the imp further behind.

I've noticed some Doomers act as though the picture they paint of the game s is what the devs intended. They forget that a lot of that shit is flexible. My opinion on Imps: The classic DooM imp was perfect. A muscular, intimidating brown, spiky, fireball-throwin' monster. You know you're fucked when they're near.

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Characters de was nearly flawless, but there's one thing I find wrong with it: The fact that there isn't anything wrong with it. If a character is too perfect to get complaints, that's a problem. Every character needs downsides.

The Doom3 imp was just pathetic. The DOOM 4 imp was nearly perfect. Just as scary as before if not scarierand they're MUCH faster, offering more of a challenge. But, it doesn't resemble the old imp at all. Otherwise, it's amazing. Sounds like you'll really love the Doom Eternal Imp, then.

Imp - weakness & tips

It's spiked up so it looks closer to its classic counterpart. Personally I love the new Imps. I like the old ones too, they look like weird apes with no ears, way too open jaw, really flat he, and ridiculously high cheek bones. I'm sure an HD version of the original would look more zombie like. Sort of like the new ones, but with less exoskeleton. It's pretty Zombie-like.

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This is a good imp. Sufficiently scary, he'll obviously hold his own against Doomguy for all of 20 seconds. In regards to this topic New imp is cool. I like it a lot.

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It can be hard to get a good look at them because they're so fast, always climbing around throwing shit fireballs like a bunch of spider-monkeys though. Would have been cool for them to have had their crazy gaping mouthes from the original. Say what you want about the trailers but check how the Doom Annihilation movie gave them 'nemesis mouth':. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

It's easy!

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Already have an ? in here. Anyone else liked the original imp better? Recommended Posts. Posted January 3, Share this post Link to post.

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Varis Alpha. Posted January 5, Viscra Maelstrom said:. Sgt Ender said:. The new Imp is far more interesting than its classic counterpart. Slippery bastard for sure. No its not.


Posted January 6, Koko Ricky. Arctangent said:. Posted August 18, Posted August 18, edited. Posted August 19, User Name. Posted August 19, edited. I think the film Xtro might have been an inspiration for the de of the original Imp. They should've made the new Imp more muscular but it's alright the way it is, imo.

Dear Hoplite. Posted August 22, Posted August 14, Just curious, I'm making a statue of an Imp from Doom 3. Any thoughts?