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It was released by Hopeless Records as a digital download on June 16, In an exclusive acoustic session with Real Magic TV, Alex Gaskarth lead vocalist of All Time Low explained the meaning of this song by stating, "It's a fun little tune about, uh, about charades that one may have with another individual.

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The family migrated to Baltimore from Lebanon when he was an infant. Jack Barakat has an older sister named May and two brothers, Joe and Leeyh. He is the lead guitarist for the band All Time Low, which he and his best friend, Alex Gaskarth, founded in their first year of high school.

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But some of that energy shines through. And I think that shines through. And I love a good pop reference. I wanted this to feel very vivid and bright. Nothing really seemed to be clicking and I was in a weather-induced funk.

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I was feeling some crazy seasonal depression. I wasn't in the mood to write uplifting music.

And Zakk Cervini, our producer, came in with this idea for a fast, uptempo, Warped Tour-esque song. It's just not where my head was, so I made it a challenge for myself to make it work. In doing so, I started to take steps towards getting my head in a better place.

It shaped the tone of the album, once I got over that hurdle. It's these intervals of six and then seven, which is not an easy time ature to write a pop melody around. It actually ended up working really, really well.

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It became this fun little math project. It's not like we're a sophisticated, techy math rock band, anyway. We're playing pop rock here at the end of the day. Knowing that all it really takes is just a connection with one other person out there can sometimes be the thing that gets you moving in the right direction again. And I think that sentiment echoes throughout the entire album.

It was really cool and special. We write our dark songs late at night.

The song's very reflective. I think it hearkens back to some of the woes throughout our career where we felt resentful towards people who didn't have the band's best interest in mind, and I got to speak to some of those things—just about how someone else's poison can poison you and it changes you as a person, and suddenly their toxicity is making you toxic.

And so it only felt right to reach out to them and see if they wanted to be a part of it. Because it felt like, in some way, they had contributed to the writing of the song.

They ended up enjoying the song and wanted to be a part of it. It was really fun. I love when you see some camaraderie between labelmates.

Are the band members in all time low gay?

So eventually we're going to have to make a Y'all Time Low record. It was cold, rainy, miserable. It was just a difficult time.

I felt myself really weighed down by it all. I felt a little bit aimless and I didn't have a ton of direction.

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You could put it on almost any All Time Low record at any time in All Time's history and it would make sense, even though it sounds like the version of All Time Low. The lyrics of this song are all about loneliness and why you end up lonely. They're gay, and they don't feel like they're accepted in their own skin for who they are, or for who they want to love.

You don't get to dictate how we live our lives. They aren't songwriters.

If you'd told us back then that we would be doing this 15 years later, record eight, I don't think we would have ever believed you. In. Listen Now Browse Radio Search. Some Kind of Disaster. Sleeping In. Getaway Green.

Melancholy Kaleidoscope. Trouble Is. Wake Up, Sunshine. Monsters feat. Pretty Venom Interlude.

Favorite Place feat. January Gloom Seasons, Pt. Summer Daze Seasons, Pt. Basement Noise. April 3, 15 Songs, 46 Minutes. Music Videos.

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