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As a successful lawyer, Bill already had a great career. After coaching one client for a beauty ant, word quickly spread that he was the go to guy to help you win, whether it be a local ant or Miss USA. You can binge Season 1 now.

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Bill Alverson has advice for everyone. But if you ask for it, be forewarned that you might not like it.

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We spoke to Bill earlier this year when we interviewed him for our family site Soap Opera News. So we thought it was a good time to catch up with Bill. Oh, how we loved speaking to him the last time. We were enlightened, inspired and left with lots to think about. This time was no different.

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He updated us on his life, his work and Insatiable. All three are equally fascinating and each Bill has its own compelling story. Bill the man — was married to his ex-wife for 29 years before they divorced. He is now married to his husband, Doug.

Bill and his ex-wife are great friends and their blended family is one full of love.

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What a beacon of hope and a true testament to the power of love and family. If Doug and I leave how are we ever going to educate people? Or how are we ever going to help those people or be a support to those that still live outside of a progressive community? Bill was forthright about what he and Doug deal with inside of their own family. Not his parents but with other members of his family. They are nice and friendly but they still think our marriage is wrong. I understand. He practiced law at a large defense firm for years before branching out on his own.

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Bill and his son, William, are partners in their law firm. Their law firm practices criminal defense, represents the mentally ill, does domestic work and does some defense work.

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Bill the —ant coach extraordinaire. His highly successful ant coach career and everything that has blossomed from it all stemmed from Bill helping someone. Bill who always had an eye for style and owned several clothing stores agreed to help. And Bill continued to win himself including two back to back winners at the Miss America ants.

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People everywhere were taking notice. Initially, he starred in the reality show, Coach Charmingwhich followed Bill as he met with aspiring ant contestants to teach, prepare and coach them in their quest for the crown. The series follows Patty Bladdell, once bullied teen for being overweight, turned beauty ant contestant, who is taken under the wing of Bob Armstrong lawyer, beauty ant coach to turn her into a beauty ant queen.

Insatiable was renewed for a season two just thirty days after it premiered on Netflix in Season two premiered on October 11 of this year.

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Bill talked to us about season 2 and discussed extensively what this show means to him. We see a lot of development of the characters of Patty and Bob. We have many interesting twists and turns. We have new characters played by Tommy Dorfman and Alex Landi. Bob Armstrong, the character based on my life, has taken a different trajectory from my life this season. I promise.

I am not that exciting. This is definitely one of those expect the unexpected. This season has been a memorable one for Bill for a multitude of reasons. His daughter had the opportunity to appear in and to be a part of season two.

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Some of the young ladies Bill has coached also got the chance to be on the show as extras in the ant scenes. For this season, I suggested that we bring in young ladies who have been ant contestants. So instead of an actress, extra or a dancer, we have people who have actually been a contestant in the Miss USA ant. We decided to do this because as much as we are satirical and comedic, we want the ant scenes to have an air of authenticity to it. It goes without saying that having a show based on your life is pretty darn fantastic.

The conversation

But as Bill discussed with us, it has been meeting and working with this fantastic group of people that have meant the most to him. These are a couple of examples Bill gifted us with.

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Rather she just hopped in a car with Bill and the extras. Then there was the night they wrapped up filming for season two.


It was almost midnight and everyone was tired and exhausted. They get how at the end of the day we are all people. It reinforces so much of what I already know. If you spend any time on social media or stay abreast of current events you are more than a little familiar with this powerhouse actress, producer, activist. And if you love and respect her passion as much as we do, read on and you will even more.

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She is unbelievable. I love her podcast. After listening to that podcast, they are getting a different perspective for their lives. I texted Alyssa and told her about this and as big as a star as she is, she texted me back. She was encouraging in her responses.

She stands for principles. She stands for what she believes in, regardless if it is popular. That is the bonus of Insatiable. The show is filled with people like Beverly, Debby, and Alyssa. It is truly an awesome set. The people who load the ice chest are talked to just as much as Debby Ryan.

Everyone is treated as an equal human across the board. They create this environment. It does trickle from the top down. He will continue his work as an advocate in the courtroom.

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Stay tuned. And he is and will continue to coach ant queen hopefuls. They need someone to believe in them. Well said, Bill. Bill, thank you for taking the time to speak to us and as always for giving us lots to think about!

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