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I would like seeking woman Is gurochan down loves tradition sex

Report Broken Link. We have already started pinging gurochan.

pretty housewives Helena

Online: Yesterday


Her pussy tightens when he pulls the rope. Tastes better fresh! Smashed her brains out with a crowbar. Apology and Punishment [F]. Broken and braided on the wheel [F]. Accepting her Punishment [F].

How old am I: 48
Nationality: Icelandic
I prefer: I prefer guy
Gender: I'm female
Hair color: Crisp silvery hair
What is my favourite music: I like to listen jazz
What is my hobbies: In my spare time I love mountain climbing
Body tattoos: None

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Profile Gallery Scraps Favorites Journals. Profile Gallery Scraps Fav orite s Journals. Recent Journals Gurochan. This happens with regularity, it seems. I guess the bill isn't being paid in a timely fashion.

Check another

I wonder how long it will be unavailable this time. Honestly not surprised.

hot bitch Galilea

The admins seem to have dropped off the face of the planet. Sucks as well, doesn't seem to be any other site like it afaik. AYBfim Digital Artist link.

Complaints and comments

Seems to be going the way of VCL, sadly. I did not even know about such thing.

gorgeous housewives Alejandra

Furx Commissioner, Writer, Artist link. If you use chrome you can force it to ignore the certificate error by typing "thisisunsafe" literally typing that with the error open. This is obviously unsafe and generally bad idea. Don't do that on any important s. Basically what Kitsunelegend said. The head admin is MIA and there is nobody to update the certificate which needs to be done every 90 days.

About current outage

Sadly if you use firefox, that option doesn't work. The Onion link still "sorta" works though Eupeptic link parent.

sluts lady Justice

On desktop Firefox, I can get around it by doing the following. I haven't tried it on mobile Firefox.

passionate single Adele

If a site like that breaks, call them on the telephone or try it again the next day, instead of doing this. Try to go to the site with the problem. Firefox should put up a screen that says "Your connection is not secure". Click on the "Advanced" button on that screen., is it up or down or me?

Probably a box will appear that says "example. This box will have an "Add Exception Click that button. A window titled "Add security exception" will pop up. I clear the "Permanently store this exception" checkbox at the bottom, to make the exception temporary. Click the "Confirm security exception" button at the bottom of the "Add security exception" window. The "Add security exception" window will close itself, and the site you wanted should load. For me, the exceptions are always on the top of the list; I pick the one I want to get rid of and hit the Delete button.

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It doesn't work for this site because they use HSTS to tell the client not to allow override. What foxiefoxums says is correct. There is no option to override it on firefox as you've written out. Are you sure you're using the most up to date firefox browser?

I didn't know that this had changed in more recent versions of Firefox. It looks like you'd have to do what it says in that post, and then you'd get the option to add an exception again.

Gurochan down or not

I haven't tried it, though. Again, I haven't tried this. The idea of having the switch buried in a text file in the profile directory is kind of scary for end users, probably because it's meant to be scary. I think developers are still going to need that switch to exist for another year or two, though. I had no idea this site existed.

Troubleshooting instructions

I think i may need to commission you again for another piece of atrt to hang on my wall :. MitchKenzo Writer link. Ugh, again?

stunner female Kairi

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