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Fallout 4 is a big game. The greatest threat in Fallout 4 is The Institute and its legion of Synths: highly advanced synthetic humans capable of mimicking us perfectly. Clearly The Institute has been following your character for years, and needs to get more in-depth surveillance.

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Even if I know they could never come to fruition, I enjoy thinking of them and showing them off to others. For example, this quest to replace Piper with a synth. The quest would only be available after completing the main quest for the Institute.

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Justin Ayo. He le you to a Synth copy of Piper, and confides in his plan to replace her, by having you lead her away from Diamond City and having the Synth kill her. From there, the quest goes two different directions based on whether or not Piper hates you. The player can agree, upon which they carry out the plan and replace her with the Synth.

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Synth Piper will then be available as a companion, to replace normal Piper. She lacks an affinity system, but has better combat skills.

Institute quest - replace piper with a synth

You can also refuse, causing Ayo to become upset, but eventually accepting. At least, it seems that way. Once one is dead, you have to inspect the corpse. If you chose right, you discover a synth component, and everyone is relieved. If you chose wrong But also!

You can still leave the conversation at any time, although people will get annoyed. He will be stumped for a moment, then turn to you for guidance. One can call off the operation failing the quest or have her perform a traditional replacement op.

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She rallies them up against the Institute before she notices you and gives you an angry speech. She will then give you an ultimatum: leave Diamond City forever, or everybody starts shooting.

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If you moves toward her or leave DC and come back, everybody in the town will be hostile. After this route, quite a few things change. Unless you can succeed in convincing him you had nothing to do with the operation, he leaves permanently.

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And also, that he was a synth. Only problem I see with this is being permanently banned from Diamond City since some quests require you to be in Diamond city to start. Not to mention your only "player home" is in Diamond City.

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It would have to be after any main quests that involve the city have been completed but I like the idea. Except for Strong. You become the leader of the Institute? I really enjoyed this, I think you should be able to pickpocket the code from Ayo or hack his terminal as well as speech, just to give different characters stuff to do.


Maybe having Nat be available as a settler if actual Piper dies? I didn't understand how in the "piper hates the player", she would know that the player was in on the plan though. S A talented modder could pull this off, there are more complex quest mods on nexus already done. Found the internet!


Posted by 2 years ago. Starting: The quest would only be available after completing the main quest for the Institute. Sort by: best. I had no clue you can do this.

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TTW team member the useless one. You cannot. It's just ideas someone has thought up.

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