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Javier Esposito : Hey, by the way, our buddy Will has a girlfriend we might want to talk to. There's, uh, some photos of her right here in the back. Kevin Ryan : Look at naked pictures? If you insist. Kate Beckett : Castle, check this out. Richard Castle : Look at naked pictures?

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Stana katic: kate beckett

Kate Beckett : Oh, yeah, and your ex-wife called. Kate Beckett : That's a catchy title. When were you gonna tell me? Richard Castle : Well, I was waiting for the perfect time. It just never Kate Beckett : She's naked on the cover again, isn't she? Richard Castle : Kind of, yeah. Kate Beckett : That's great. No one's gonna make fun of me. Javier Esposito : So Castle's last case, huh? Kate Beckett : Mm-hmm.

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Javier Esposito : Ryan and I thought we'd do a little going-away party. Kate Beckett : Yeah, well, it's not like he's leaving forever. Javier Esposito : You sure about that? Why do you think he's been following you around all this time? What, research? The guy's has done enough research to write fifty books Richard Castle : It's kind of like a tradition, you know?

Bonfires, roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories, sleeping late.

Stana katic: kate beckett

We've done it since she was five. Kate Beckett : Sounds nice. Kind of magical, actually. Richard Castle : Yeah, you know what? You should come. Oh, it's right on the ocean. There's a secluded pool. You could lay out, work on your tan. Kate Beckett : Wow, Castle, you are working really hard to see me in a swimsuit.

Kate beckett naked stana katic

Richard Castle : If you are not comfortable in a swimsuit, you could just skinny dip. Kate Beckett : Then why would they try to kill someone who doesn't exist? Richard Castle : I think I know. Come on. Kevin Ryan : Hey. So, I just got back from ballistics. That gun that we found in the victim's car Richard Castle : [while rushing by Ryan] Let me guess, it's not real. Richard Castle : [to Hans] It's a game. Hans Brauer : What are you talking about?

Kate beckett naked stana katic

Richard Castle : This whole thing. The fake IDs, the dossier, Luvania, the banking minister. Hans Brauer : [quietly] Come on. You're breaking the fourth wall here. Hans Brauer : Listen, Hans, or whatever your name is, you see that woman? Hans Brauer : She's a real cop. If you don't start talking to us, you're gonna stay in jail.

Castle sneak peeks: naked kate beckett!

Kate Beckett : You lied to me, Mr. Do you care to revise your statement? That's plenty of time to drive to the city from Stamford. Richard Castle : What'd you do, Lee? Wait for him at the hotel, follow him 'till he was alone? Lee Copley : No, I didn't. Kate Beckett : And then you used the game as cover. Lee Copley : No. Look, I swear, I didn't do it. Kate Beckett : Right.

You were at home in bed.

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Lee Copley : No, I wasn't Kate Beckett : I'm sorry, what? Lee Copley : I was in bed with Roger's wife. Richard Castle : Let me, let me get this straight. You-your alibi for killing your friend is you were Lee Copley : Yeah.

Stana katic as kate beckett nude

Richard Castle : Wow. Richard Castle : What's wrong? Kate Beckett : I tried Information, our database.

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They even did an Internet search, and it's like these guys don't even exist. Richard Castle : Who? Kate Beckett : Fastwater Global Services.

Castle sneak peeks: naked kate beckett!

Richard Castle : Ah! I told you. CIA cover. Richard Castle : No, I mean they probably just don't like to advertise. Kate Beckett : Yeah, well, I thought so, as well. So I checked their address, West 43rd Street.

Kate beckett porn

It's in the middle of the Hudson River. Kate Beckett : You know, it used to be if you were gonna have a midlife crisis, you'd just buy a Ferrari, get a new girlfriend, even jump out of a plane. Kate Beckett : See you in the fall? Richard Castle : [stops and turns around] See you in the fall. In. Showing all 12 items. Jump to: Photos 4 Quotes 8.

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