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I play video games for the amusement of strangers on the internet. over 1 year ago. I don't favorite stuff for exposure, I favorite as an acknowledgement that I read your tweet and don't find it totally morally reprehensible.

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Some time late last year the youtuber and twitch streamer LovelyMomo maybe more well known as K8 or Kate gave birth to a daughter named Luna.

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Kate is married to the more famous at least online, she's been a concert musician so maybe she's very famous in that regard Ryan Letourneau, also known as NorthernLion or NL. It's the game that made his name, and he's put up thousands of episodes across the various iterations of it. On March 31st the last DLC for BoI, Repentance, came out, and NL began streaming and putting up youtube lets play episodes, meaning a total of 4 Isaac videos per day hit Kate lovelymomo twitter youtube channel.

Like most streamers, NL streams from an office space in his home, an apartment of some sort in Vancouver, BC. He is often responsible for keeping an eye on the baby at the same time, especially during the youtube only episodes he puts up where he can edit out pauses for the viewers. I have played a lot of Isaac since the DLC came out, and I have watched an incredible amount of NL playing Isaac since then as well and before, especially in I've heard hours of him itneracting with his infant daughter and sometimes hsi wife as well, and while his daughter cannot use full words yet she is quite verbose.

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This is hopefully the closest I ever come to having a baby of my own. Not only do I dislike children, but I'm not well suited to the patience and attention that a small child requires. I can barely handle adults without snapping.

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Still, because it's all already recorded and I never have any responsibility in the situation and know nothing bad could happen in the videos because they wouldn't be ed to youtube if that was the case, I'm enjoying watching his experience and his family's experiences. It's nice. It's vicarious child-having, the same way some streamers are vicarious-game players though I think most are offering something much different than someone to project onto an imagine yourself to be playing the game in place of.

He's filtered out all the unpleasant bits and left only the stuff that makes me go "aww that's sweet. It has also only confirmed more and more for me that I Kate lovelymomo twitter want a baby or young child of any sort. I like having this "on demand" vicarity but I don't like it so much I would go back and rewatch episodes just for the parenting bits. The internet has introduced me to another kind of virtual parenting that I also enjoy, and this one I think I enjoy a lot more, enough that I actively value its place in my life. This is a kind of parenthood that only really became part of my life in or so, and has come and gone and recently become part of it again.

There's this pattern where young trans women or at least people who are questioning their gender identity go to older trans women and ask for advice or just sort of hang around and get support and attention that is caring and understanding instead of what they're often used to, which is confused hostility.

Two vritual parenthoods ()

Often enough these become mother-daughter relationships, often explicitly though not always. At 27 I'm unfortunately a little old for a trans woman, and with my personality the size of a barn, I've attracted a few online daughters over the last five years or so and to a lesser degree one offline during college. I'm guessing some Kate lovelymomo twitter this has to do with how brazen I am, because I know when I started transitioning, nothing made me feel better than seeing a really confident queer person who didn't stop to comply with cishet expectations.

I am not really in active contact with any of my prior daughters, these days, but I have recently ish got myself another. She's not in as dire straits as my ones were and they all got out of those, to my knowledgeand she doesn't really need my help figuring out trans stuff since she's been doing it long enough to know her way around. I don't think we'd have developed this sort of relationship if either of us wasn't trans, but it's not the main cause of it either.

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We've just been friends for a while and fell into this pattern. And it's lovely. I really do have to get back to this in the future and try and see if I can make a real thought out of it. Like, I might watch now and then.

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Even though he's probably just gonna play Fortnite without saying anything. He just ed a deal for 5 and half million dollars a year. Ryan: " 'Northernlion, how big are your ears? Wow, we're gonna have a talk later. Nobody breathe, right now.

Kate lovelymomo

Alright, choo-choooo! Oooh, GOOD! Maybe, like, seven footlong sandwiches from Subway [ View Full. Two Vritual Parenthoods MALF: That's a lotta That's a lotta cash. Northernlion: That's a lot of clams.

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The BridgeIt! Are you cheating on Kate?

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God, damnit. It didn't even require any tables Fuck tables. Show More.