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I would like pick female who loves Keys in a bowl party

A couples party where all of the men put their car keys into a bowl or bag and at the end of the party, the women blindly select a set of keys to determine who she goes home with for the rest of the evening for sexual gratification.

hot female Hana

Online: 5 days ago


We take it as an article of faith that suburban swingers from decades past engaged in a partner-swapping phenomenon known as key parties. As the lore goes, sets of car keys picked from a fishbowl would determine randomized sexual pairings of Quaaluded-up couples who would then supposedly go off and fuck. But did key parties really ever happen? Or did they grow into a widely accepted urban myth after Hollywood invented them?

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Being Daft? My 40th Party!

horney prostitute Adley

Anyone been for a interview with BPAS. Has anyone been to a key party?

S P66aiv. Just wondered if anyone has been to one or hosted one themselves!! See last answer.

sexy asian August

Your browser cannot play this video. Is that like a swingers part where all the keys are put into a bowl and then you pick out a key and pair off?

Did key parties ever really happen?

I aint never been to no party like that! Search for a thread.

sluts asian Paisleigh

Yes, I think it is! Oh and also, would anyone go?

Lifestyle anyone been ill after getting tattoo? Lifestyle how long have you been with oh?

cutie prostitute Regina

In answer to Mel64xuv. I couldnt go Bit of a faux pas!

house gal Aniyah

I've never been to one, are you thinking of going. Just heard of one today and wondered if anyone had been!! Like the one about the twiglets!!

Just like the thesis whisperer – but with more money

You might get hold of a different kind of twig altogether!!! I'd end up with the robin reliant!

lovely babe Monica

What happens if you get a taxi, so you can have a drink. Lifestyle Being Daft? Lol, i'd quite like to go to one,not to participate, but just to see exactly what happens, if nothing else it'd seem aa right laugh!

lonely babe Harmony

Can't find your answer? We were invited to a Jacuzzi party last week. No thank you.

gorgeous miss Samira

In answer to rac66oyf. You dutty minx!!!! My mind is so dirty and twisted Help See chat rules.