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Got the paperclip. Won in Mahjong. I know what was written under the tile, just don't know how to use that to enter the key code

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Unlike in games like Travelogue or Escape from the Hotelyou are not locked in a room here, but you wake up in a hotel hallway. What happened to you? Will you find the key to your memory? Have fun! Update: La Luna Hotel video walkthrough!

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Game walkthroughs, walkthrough, cheats, solutions, hints, tips, tricks, answers, passwords, help, faq, guides, and tutorials. Post a Comment. La Luna Hotel Walkthrough. Turn on the lightswitch next to the door for room Pick up the paper on the floor.

Go into room 4.

Click pillow, this will give you the room key for room 5. Click the painting to reveal the safe.

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Click the safe 7. Solve Einstein's puzzle.

La luna hotel walkthrough

Take paper clip 9. Leave that room Click the security camera above roomand take the video tape.

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Turn around. Click the elevator to go towards it. Click the security camera and take the tape.

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Note that floor you on floor 4 Click the bit of carpet right under the elevator that is different from the rest. Use the correct key card to go to room Use paper clip to open suitcase. Take room key card for room Click calendar on the wall, and take that too. Use key card for room to go into room The stars will show you the way!

Click the window shade and then the "start" button to start the puzzle.

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Exit the puzzle. Go to the keypad next to the unmarked door. The code for the keypad is then In the closet, click the yellow part on the top shelf for the key, and rigth above the green on the bottem shelf for half of a phone .


Go back to room Use the key to open the doors under the TV. Figure out this magic square puzzle! If you cannot figure it out, the answer is Try both of your tapes. You will find that neither of them work. Where could the 3rd tape be?

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Use your room key to go to room Click on the lock on the drawer. Another puzzle!

This one is pretty easy, btu if not, the answer is Now click the unlocked lock Another tape! Use the key to open the TV again, your answer should still be there.

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Watch the Tape you just got. Oh dear! Click the remote control Now the TV doors are open! Click where all the tapes are until you get the other hald of the phone .


Click the telephone Call the the on the ripped paper Answer the questions. You are on floor 4 remember the elevator? And you want to room key for room Use the master key for room and surprise!!! The end!!!

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