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The characters of Final Fantasy 10 are undoubtedly one of the strongest parts of the game. This is a massive statement, especially given the fact that the combat, story, and visuals of Final Fantasy 10 are in a class of their own as well. However, what breathes life into this game is the main party, with each and every character in Final Fantasy 10 being extremely charming in their own right.

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Lulu was raised in Besaid Island along with Wakka and his younger brother, Chappu after her parents were killed by Sin when she was five years old. The three of them grew up on the island together and eventually, Lulu and Chappu began a romantic relationship together. However, when Chappu suddenly decided to the Crusaders so that he could make the world safer for Lulu, he gets killed in an operation against Sin near Djose.

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For whatever reason, Kazushige Nojima decided to make Lulu pregnant in order to retire her from the heroine role.

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Mostly, it was due for chemistry. So they needed a third female for Final Fantasy X-2 and created Paine. Paine is like Lulu in a sense.

Final fantasy x / x-2 - lulu character information

They both have somewhat of a dark, gothic feel to them even if Paine is a little bit more punk. And their pasts are mysterious. Lulu and Paine wear similar garments unique only to them in the entirety of Spira.

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They are also the only characters in Spira with red irises. Maybe they feel awkward around each other.

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But they feel some strange connection and are avoiding each other because of it. Auron is a strict, no-nonsense warrior with a dry wit who carries himself with grace and dignity, maintaining many subtle mannerisms of a traditional samurai. Not much is known about Paine except that she is quiet and keeps to herself.

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Paine is tough and loves a good fight, but she is sensible enough to smell trouble a mile away. Of course, she knows of Auron :. And who knows how many children Auron fathered.

Paine’s possible connections to other final fantasy x characters…

And it seems like Lulu might be getting a bit defensive about this. Lulu: Interesting.

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I suppose I could add you to my list. I wish you good luck, little boy.

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