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Liam Hemsworth's ex was in Puerto Rico, also posts more subdued snap with mum Tish ahead of gig. But the Wrecking Ball singer took things a step further yesterday, when she shared an image of herself taking a shower. We're not sure who took the picture, but thankfully Liam Hemsworth's ex pasted a heart graphic over her bottom as if we haven't seen enough of it already.

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In the image, the Wrecking Ball hitmaker, who had a white facemask on, covers her boobs with a thin layer of bubbles and sticks her tongue out. The year-old twerkster shared an intimate snap of herself in the bath with her followers on Tuesday. Yesterday, Miley shared a snap of herself apparently in the shower, naked, with mascara running down her cheeks and just her hands to cover her modesty. Miley has been going on a bit of an Instagram spree while in Brazil for her tour. She even shared a lovely picture of herself with what looks like a soft toy penis, while on the stage, as you do.

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Pic: so miley cyrus just shared a naked shower selfie…

Miley Cyrus' Instagram is an eclectic mix of phallic symbols and pics of her young face photoshopped onto her adult body, but interspersed among those pics are tons of bath selfies. Like, tons.

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Click through to see the best photos of Miley Cyrus in bathing mode. Miley first brought us into her shower in December of with this post-bathing pic, in which she sticks out that infamous tongue of hers. Sometimes, Miley likes to bring her dogs in on the fun! Here she is taking a bubble bath with one of her pups and her sparkly shower cap.

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Miley meticuously tied her blonde, braided extensions into a top knot so as not to get them wet with bubbles. Such smart thinking. Everyone knows that the bathroom is the best place to ponder life's biggest questions. Clearly Ms. Cyrus agrees.

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This is a screenshot of a video of Miley bathing, which she captioned "I take like a vagillion baths a day. Miley went full-frontal or back-al? Just one question—who took this pic?! Is that dim lighting real life or a filter?

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Either way, Miley's certainly got this bath selfie thing down pat. All Rights Reserved. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

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Miley cyrus posts nude shower pic on instagram

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