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I'd like date Mlp dbz fimfiction who like tourism

On his way to Planet Namek to save his friends, Goku the strongest martial artist on earth gets sent to Equestria thanks to an unpredictable cosmic storm. Upon arrival, he meets the magically gifted creatures of this bright and colorful world.

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Peace has returned for Equis and the Earth. Now, the two planets began mingling with one another. The cultural and technological boon from the union has been plentiful. But it is not without pitfalls. Thankfully, Gohan and the Z fighters do everything they can to maintain the balance. However, a new evil is just over the horizon.

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You need an my little pony story with fights, emotion, and maybe some pride talk?

We got that, You need a story with tons of epic transformations and saiyan tails? We got that, you need a story that has the Dragon balls?

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We got that too! Everything Dragon Ball related we have for your convenience. This entire group is here to help you in your every day Ki blasting, super saiyan, dragon ball wishing needs. A word to all Dragon Ball Writers, don't be afraid to ask us to read your stories and give you constructive criticism. They're plenty of us out there that would be happy to help you improve your own skills.

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And please everyone, do remember to read the notes of what story should go in what folder. These notes can be found here, yes right here.

Group rules and Main Feature Folder info can be found here. Hoping the stories start to pick up.

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I understand life happens, but it feels like a lot of the Dragon Ball crossovers are dead or something. Man, we have over members now. We shall slowly get to a thousand! At some point at least!

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I'm a DBZ fan, so count me in! Dragon Ball Z made the Tag List! Slap the tag on your stories and wear it proudly!

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Happy Holidays everyone! Decided to bring back the old Christmas banner we used beforehand for this December!

I had not realized I wasn't a member of this folder till just now. I feel silly. And thanks for adding my story to the main folder.

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I appreciate it very much. Theater Release Summer.

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Hopefully its true! We're back everyone! Now the group can become active again!

Goku (or/and friends) in equestria

Although I will have to challenge them to an eating contest. I can eat a lot in human terms when I get hungry. generated in 0. Support us SubStar Chat! Discord Follow us Twitter. Story Lists What's Hot? Stories Members Forum. Similar Groups.

New Members 1 this week. Comments Viewing 83 - of Golden Fang Ryu Shenron. Benkei Urahara. I just ed a story I think would fit well here. Husky Wang. Myst Vokunkiin.

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I wish everyone Happy thanks giving! And so does cell! our SubscribeStar to remove these adverts! Stats generated in 0. Main Feature Folder. Somewhat DBZ Related.