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Fatties lady looking up men My girlfriend is too loose life

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Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. All Topics. Type your question. Enter more details. Okay so I know that vaginas expand and contract like a rubber band and go back to normal after birth or sex. But what about the sorrounding skin or lips?

My girlfriend's vagina is way to loose for me

My GF has had sex with 6 black guys and Ik that they were all bigger than me and I know that one was huge. I just can't get the thought out of my head that my GF's vagina may be completely different looking on the outside then when she was a virgin.

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Like would a vagina look the same if a female never game birth and had lots of sex with many different sizes? Plz help. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Wilde Send a private message. The factual answer is no, sex with any man wouldn't change her appearance, so if you continue to be bothered by the thought, you are being irrational and making up stuff in your head to be unhappy about. You might want to trace the thought that your gf's vagina or labia look different because of sex down to whatever fear in your brain that's making you invent trouble.

You may or may not have worries over your size, or her sexual experience, worries about her not being satisfied with you, or maybe you want out of the relationship and are trying too find something in her to blame for it. That's the way to go if you want to exorcise that thought from your brain.

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It might also help you to understand that your thinking is based on myths not reality. First of all, women's sexual organs are far from uniform in reality.

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Just take the lips, some are longer than others, some are very short to barely there, some inner labia are tucked out of view by the outer, some inner are longer than the outer. If your want, look up a book called I'll Show You Mine, which has a lot of photos of completely normal and diverse fannies. Second myth is the old all black men are well endowed.

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Basically, there's no good scientific evidence for that myth; that means there is not enough good information to prove that claim. Most of the studies have found black men are basically like every other flavour of men.

This is why your partner’s vagina feels ‘loose’ — plus, how to talk about it

This reply was removed by a moderator. LadyKat Send a private message.

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It is a subject just now beginning to be discussed among women. YES, birth damage and mileage with however many men do change the laxity if our vaginas.

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Featured on Dr Oz, is an ultrasound therapy that shrinks and tightens the vagina. Some women have it done for post birth loosening, some, like Kim Kardashian, to get things tightened back up. It is a non invasive, pain free wand that is used by a tech for less than an hour. Effects are dramatic both inside and outside by the second treatment. There are also herbal supplements containing Kacip Fatimah extract which have been used by women in India for thousands of years.

Look up the herb in Amazon. My mother put me on this stuff after I noticed, 'changes' post birth many years ago. Max Send a private message.

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LadyKat : So far you the only person, who bothered to answer question. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Max : I am frankly shocked at how little women know about maintaining their god given equipment. For sake of discussion let's assume your girlfriend's vagina looks different as the result to repeated penetration by large penises, what do you want to do about it? Would you dump her if her genitalia didn't appear like that of a virgin? This is hard me as I lost my virginity to her.

HikerVeg Send a private message. Doesn't work like that. Does you penis look different now that it's been in her vagina? No I wouldn't I just want to know. Kingslayer Send a private message.

I love my girlfriend but she is too loose. why? this is a real problem for me, it takes me ages to reach orgasm.

You'll have to post a picture here for confirmation. I think you're more worried about her thinking your dick is small and the different Oreo cookies she's been involved in haha.

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Edited on February 21, at UTC by the author. Freedirt29 Send a private message. Dude don't date her you're probably young and if she's been with 6 black dudes and she's young as well. Well not to be mean but she has some sort of issue. You'll save yourself a lot of pain in the future. Of course the women on here will disagree but just get the hell out if you care about your own sanity. Freedirt29 : She's not who you think.

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She has been raped and taken advantage of her whole life. Anonymous : That's more of a reason to get out This isn't a romcom. Ashkat Send a private message. Hello, as a woman I can tell you that the vulva the lips and all the external parts of the vagina change over time.

It's more due to just hemeral aging and hormone levels and yes childbirth can change the look of the lips and opening to the vaginal canal. Having sex with big penises doesn't change anything unless the woman was a virgin before as losing one's virginity removes some or all of the hymen. I really think you're overthinking her past encounters too much. So what if she has had sex with other people? It's perfectly normal and experience is a crucial part of becoming a fabulous lover! ShogunBigguns Send a private message. Ur GFs vajay-jay is pretty much the same today as it was before 6 black guys nailed her and won't change much after they do it again.

I believe there is a deeper issue that you need to be concerned about. Insecurity about the size of your member and I believe you have an issue with the guys being black. Ask a New Question expand.

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