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In this story from Nick's POV, Nick and Judy are in their apartment one night after Judy has a long day of dancing, and Nick discovers that his beautiful honey bunny is ticklish.

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General Rating. Download Submission. Prev Main Gallery Download. Ticklish Nick Wilde. Matthew's being a mean little werewolf.

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General Rating. Download Submission. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Wilde Tickle Session. At Nick's surprise, he found his arms tied up once Benny pounced. Dog fox feet paws soles toes claws tickle tickling torture armpits Nick Wilde Zootopia restrained bondage chains.

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KitVulpin Factory of Yips link. WufFeet Anthro Artist link parent.

Seems like a wild enough session here. It's in his name. He has to live up to it x3 Thanks! EagleDade93 Mike the Braviary link.

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Hehe, Benny is having fun to tickle our dear Nicky. I would really like to tickle those good looking fox feet of him Well done tickle pic, bud. XD Thanks!

A place fur tickling — nick: are you just trying to steal the pen ? is

EagleDade93 Mike the Braviary link parent. It's the little things my eyes are drawn to in pictures like these, like the framing of the bigger footpaws around the smaller ones and the little view of the box of ticklish tools in the background. Very nice work! Happy you mentioned that. Its a little challenging sometimes to get that right, but as long as there is a nice view of those paws, I'm happy with it Yes, adding little details like that gives a picture depth I think.

Sure it's not necessary but it does help enhance the overall theme of the piece. Love his big paws!

Nick & judy - nick wilde tickle

Idk why you're tickling his sides. Fail-Seeker link. Fail-Seeker link parent. I wonder if Nick willingly lost so this could happen? StanfordFox Photographer link. Poor Nick Oh well :P.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Hake-Feretto link. Great to see our little nick in ticklish situation, it's strange but zootopia tickle pic are pretty rare, I haven't see lot of them and this show have all needed Well I think my next commission after my actual one will be a tickle interrogation of weaselton by nick and Juddy X3. In any case it's great to see you tickle him, plus his paw are very teasing for my eyes, I would like take one feather in this big box of tool and Iv'e seen quite a few here and there, but its seriously lacking in tickles.

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But yeah, they could have thrown a few tickle scenes XD And that sounds like a great idea! Take advantage of the other tools if necessary heheh! Boy, it's been a while since I asked you to do Nick. Looks like it occurred. I get really laggy at times XD But yeah, hope you've enjoyed Looks like Nick's experiencing quite the "hustle".

Wildehopps — tickle showdown

I don't care if the joke's unoriginal XD. Maxpowers13 link. Heh, I'll give him a very good reason to keep wiggling those toes. Are those tools decent in the levels of tickle-torture? Of course!

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They work nicely with fox feet! You can find various tools and lotions deep in the box, so be sure to examine your tools of destruction x3. Lonesomeheart Photographer link. I also prefer his under arms getting tickled.

Tickle time

Miceler I draw and color pictures link. Is that the dude or the perpetrator for having a tickle session for nick? Still love three details of both their feet.

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Zertul Watcher link. Lylithix link.

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I imagine Nick Wilde might have thought with Benny is that he was big and likely strong but maybe a bit clumsy and in any case that he's a dog and therefore not so smart particularly compared to a cunning fox. Perhaps Benny let him think that knowing that Nick Wilde might be cunning but he's also maybe a bit arrogant and maybe forgetting he's not the only cunning one.

He probably didn't want to go for the obvious targets first and even though Nick's feet are undoubtedly extremely ticklish and very tempting the armpits are also very sensitive and he might as well start with those just to be sure that Nick is tickled 'Wilde' and won't be in any state to try turning the tables and then he can tickle the paws for as long as he wants.

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Now he just has to fulfill the plan x3. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More.

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