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Dragon Ball has become one of the most successful anime series of all time. I wish any of these characters should be in a new dragon ball movie. Here you can watch new dragon ball super episodes at Dragon ball super episode

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You might know how to yell out every special attack in English and Japanese. You might have seen every single Dragon Ball episode known to man, along with all of the movies, GT, and every released episode of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime. You can probably recite the entire plot of Dragon Ball Z without the need for a cheat sheet, and you might even still be playing Xenoverse 2, but if you have never attempted to dress up as your favorite Dragon Ball Z character at least once, you're not as big of a Dragon Ball fan as you think.

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Beginning with Dragon Ball Z in particular, Goku started to concede his role as main character to his son, Gohan.

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Beyond the fact that Gohan briefly becomes the protagonist near the end of Dragon Ballhe always plays an important role in DBZ. A fair amount of time is spent establishing Gohan as cowardly, setting up his eventual rescue of Goku at the end of the arc. Piccolo more or less baptizes the boy by fire, forcing Gohan to live under harsh conditions for an entire year.

With Goku out of commission on Earth, Gohan and Vegeta are left to take the role of main character at the start of the Namek arc.

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Gohan shows off the fruits of his development throughout the whole arc, never backing down from danger. For as critical as Gohan is to the Saiyan and Frieza arcs, he ends up spending a good chunk of the Cell arc in the background. Aside from kicking Dr. Although Gohan thinks little of it at the time, Goku claims he wants to train Gohan to be even stronger than him.

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Ever since the start of Dragon Ball ZGohan has demonstrated a level of potential and raw talent that allows him to tower over the strongest characters in the franchise under dire straits. The idea that the next generation will alway be stronger than the last is one that Dragon Ball hammers in as early as the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai. Once Goku is back in the picture— and especially after Majin Buu is awakened— Gohan ends up turning into a bit player in what was being set up as his own arc.

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That said, Gohan does get one final moment to shine. After having his potential awakened by the Rou Kaioshin, Gohan is able to manifest all of his power into an Ultimate form.

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Without needing to turn Super Saiyan, Gohan ends the original Dragon Ball as the strongest unfused character in the series. Alas, it was not meant to be. By Renan Fontes Published Nov 03, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists dragon ball.

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