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I'm hunting Redneck mud wrestling woman that like shoes

US reality television import Redneck Island is set to be more outrageous than any UK reality television show ever. Some might say the line-up is not so dissimilar to Celebrity Big Brother with a Playboy bunny, a party bus DJ, a Hooters waitress, a professional hunter and a Miss Harley Davidson Florida all boasting their own unique southern flavour. Left to their own devices to guzzle booze like the southern belles they are, the contestants' drunken behaviour means there is a lot of stripping and sexual shenanigans.

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You are cordially invited to attend the second wedding of Christy and Kevin Gonzalez. Nuptials will include mud wrestling, mattress surfing and a donkey. Get an invitation like that, and there's little question.

My age: I am 22
Ethnicity: I'm czech
Color of my eyes: I’ve got bright hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My Zodiac sign: I'm Cancer
What I like to drink: Rum
Tattoo: None

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If your idea of the perfect Summer weekend involves off-roading, ATVs, and bikini-clad Southern girls wrestling in mud, then you probably don't need Jeff Foxworthy to tell you that you're a redneck although it would be pretty funny if he did, you know, with that whole "You might be a redneck Just a hunch. Located 45min south of Knoxville, Redneck Resort if you can call it that unironically is a giant mud park that specializes in off-roading, ATV-ing, and good, ol' fashioned hillbilly fun.

The acre property is loaded with multiple mud holes of different depths, including one so deep that nobody's ever successfully driven through it.

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Rest assured, though, you don't have to put your Subaru Baja in jeopardy -- they rent trucks and ATVs. There're also swimming holes, a ft slip-and-slide, live tunes, food vendors, and camping, as well as It's also becoming a popular spot for shotgun weddings.

Sorry, we meant weddings with shotguns.

The observer

Actually, scratch that, the Redneck Resort does not allow guns on the premises. Didn't expect thatdid you? And with a lot of discussion about the last season of Duck Dynasty.

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We have no idea what that means. Find out all about it, and book your trip to the RR, right here.

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Follow her Sohostyle. Facebook user redneck resort.

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