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I'm Resting bitch face reddit up friend that loves footjob

A lot of people seem to be surprised that I'm as friendly and outgoing as I am. I've had girls I've dated in the past tell me they were into me but were too scared to speak to me, have had others say they thought I was stuck up or snobbish, others say I look bored. Just the other day one of my close female friends said that I look unapproachable or intimidating to people that don't know me.

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It took me a while to realize, but apparently everyone I meet always tell me how intimidated by how I look. Smiling helps alleviate some of the anger from my resting face, but it can only go so far until I forget about it and continue to look like a mass murderer. Back in high school, I would hear rumors that I was going to shoot up the school, just because I looked perpetually angry.

Age: 46
Caters to: I love gentleman
Iris tone: Large green eyes
What is my gender: Girl
Zodiac sign: My Zodiac sign Scorpio
Music: Easy listening

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Resting bitch face has ruined my social life

To my wife's family, she is "Aunt Tilly" - she married into their family. Tilly was more than just a RBF though. She was vicious, once shooting her husband second husband Eric in the leg. She was the matriarch of a Sydney crime gang known for carrying straight razors as weapons. This was because anyone caught with a gun faced prison time, but razors were just confiscated.

Bitch face without trying

Tilly's "arch enemy" was Kate Leigh, another Sydney gang matriarch. Their gangs controlled Sydney's brothels, "sly grog" and drugs. So, I'm a 23 f.

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Despite my short height and baby face, I happen to have a pretty strong resting bitch face. While I can honestly be a little standoffish and very reclusive, for the most part I won't go out of my way to be hostile towards others. And, I do try to be nice sometimes. But, I often pull a blank face, especially when I have nothing to contribute to a conversation. However, I've been told I kind of look "judgey" or even disgusted with others when I'm not doing anything.

It's kind of not helped by my soft-spokenness which makes it seem like I'm grumbling. Sometimes, if I'm out in public and I'm speaking to someone, I notice some of them seem genuinely nervous talking to me. Anyhow, I've often had people I know later admit I made them uncomfortable in some way. Usually, they'll tell me they think I hated them or generally found me intimidating or kind of creepy when we first met.

And many of them said their opinion of me shifted when they actually got to know me better.

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I also remember the time a friend in high school told me he genuinely didn't like me when we first met because he didn't like how quiet I get. I never have been very fond of talking, especially if it seems unnecessary at the moment. But I remember being genuinely taken aback by his comment.

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He then explained that he wasn't fond of quiet people I think he mentioned something about them being suspicious and he changed his mind after hanging out with me a few times. I also had another friend once confess that he used to find making accidental eye contavt with me creepy. But, whenever going over this with people, we usually laugh about it.

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I'm not really that bothered by it. Sometimes, I'm mildly amused by it. Sone people still find me a luttle intimidating after getting to know me, but not nearly as much as the ones that don't. And because some people assume they did or said something wrong to me on first glance, they may go out of their way to be hyper friendly or apologetic until I mention I wasn't offended.

What do men think about "resting bitch face"

Now that I think of it, a lot of people assume they made a bad first impression on me when in reality, it's often the other way around. I guess that's one reason it's kind of funny. It all clicked this weekend at a wedding that I knew nobody at. I kept getting comments asking if I were sickangry or tired. The only thing I can think of to change this is getting facial fillers.

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Anyone change their look and have a better life? Found the internet! Hot New Top Rising.

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Hot New Top. Posted by 1 day ago. An RBF with an attitude to match!

Resting bitch face

Crossposted by 13 days ago. Crossposted by 19 days ago. Posted by 22 days ago. Bad impressions. Posted by 1 month ago. Posted by 2 months ago.

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My natural resting face. Does this look mean? About Community.

Do you have the male version of 'resting bitch face', if so how does it effect your interactions with people?

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