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I'd like search male who Ribbon tattoos on back of legs strangets

Have you ever received a gift tied up with a bow? These days, there are also lots of women who are having bows tattooed on their thighs and other parts of their body.

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Bio-Mechanical Tattoos Meaning.

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Warning Close. Confirm Action Are you sure you wish to do this? Confirm Cancel. User Panel. Register? General » General Discussion. Next. Quote History. Quoted: It just means they fuck on the first date. I saw an attractive young lady at the store yesterday who was wearing short shorts, which revealed a lot of her very nice legs, to include a tattoo of a garter belt, complete with bow, on her right thigh.

Despite having a tattoo, myself, I'm not usually too fond of them on women.

30+ best bow tattoos des and ideas

Hers, though, was very well done and tasteful. The fact that it would disappear under all but a very short skirt or pair of shorts didn't hurt, either. Quoted: My administrative assistant is married to a police officer and has two daughters, very conservative in her thinking, I never knew she had tats until she had to run by the office on her day off once when I was there and she had on shorts.

She is not cheap, and she certainly is no whore. But your uninformed bias is clear. View Quote View All Quotes. Quoted: Quoted: I assume any woman with tats on her thighs is a cheap whore. Quoted: I would likely not be attracted enough to a girl who didn't have any tattoos enough to actually marry her.

The beauty of the bow

Your advice is appreciated, but I will discard it on the basis of it contradicting my own personal experience. Quoted: Am I the only one that would be more turned on my a chick wearing real thigh high stockings with a bow on it, than tats?

Quoted: I was going to address this as my wife has a tattoo on her thigh and is about as far from being a whore as you can get, but then I remembered, it is GD and I assume it to be full of dickhe so I'll just leave it be. Quoted: Quoted: Quoted: I assume any woman with tats on her thighs is a cheap whore.

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Quoted: means she probably fucks on the first date and the back door is open for business. Quoted: Or a dumb ass 17 year old who's not actually a cheap whore yet but thinks that looking like one makes her cool.

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I know a couple of those. I always thought it was a stripper thing. A smidge more appealing than star tattoos on their hips.

Female empowerment

They get 1 tattoo for every guys they fucked. You do the math. Quoted: Like the bowtie on the back of old timeie silk stockings? Don't think they have a meaning more that looking like stockings. They're supposed to look like stocking ties. Sort of a "Hey, look at me aren't I a slut? They will probably look like they are coming untied when she gets old and her skin starts sagging.

My daughter in law has a Winnie the Pooh tattoo on her side. It morphed into some unrecognizable beast when she was pregnant and never recovered due to the stretch marks, the head doesn't line up with the body now and one foot is off the leg. I think it's hilarious! Quoted: Like this?

Quoted: Do they have a standard meaning? Quoted: They will probably look like they are coming untied when she gets old and her skin starts sagging. You're in a bar at midnight two girls equally good looking are checking you out. One is smoking and has tattoos the other is wearing a conservative nice dress.

Statistically which one would have you weighing a few ounces less in the morning?

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Posted Via AR Com Mobile. Quoted: You're in a bar at midnight two girls equally good looking are checking you out. Low class tramp stamp. Quoted: I assume any woman with tats on her thighs is a cheap whore. Quoted: Back of thigh tats are sexy as fuck on a hot chick. Barbed wire bicep. Tribal armband. Tramp stamp.

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Thigh bows. Can be sexy. If all women with tattoos are whores, there's maybe 6 women under 40 that aren't whores. Oak Tree.

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Why is it so surprising to men here, that women enjoy sex, at least as much as they do? They don't need advertisements to announce this fact, it really is just common knowledge. Except for here apparently, where it is debated. Just wondering, I saw a set on some quasi babe in Daisy Dukes up on Clingman's Dome today and the wife was asking WTF, and I couldn't give her an answer but told her one of the oracles here would know WTF it's all about.

I saw a girl at Grand Teton who had this. I was like "huh? Holy shit there are a lot of judgmental basement dweller fags in this thread. So if a woman has tats she is a slut.

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So if a woman has a sex drive remotely close to a man and has tats she is a whore and a slut. So if a woman has tats on the back of her thighs and has any kind of enjoyment of sex or sex drive she is a whore and a slut with STDs.

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Sometimes a message of "I make bad decisions" is exactly what you're looking for on a woman Quoted: Bunch of old curmudgeons in here! It's ink, it means what she wants it to.

Tie up loose ends

Quoted: Totes. Quoted: Quoted: Quoted: Quoted: Tat is still a word? I thought it went out with after tubular, and radical. And before phat and bae. Tattoo ink contains behavior altering chemicals which amplify certain personality traits beyond the limits of self restraint. Which traits, and how strongly they are amplified, varies depending upon the location of the ink as well as the gender and orientation of the individual with the ink.

Straight men naturally seek to be the alpha. We are characterized by assertiveness, even aggression, but ordinarily it is channeled into productive endeavors. Criminals channel their aggression in harmful ways because they lack that self control. Straight women seek to be caregivers, and their sexuality is a large part of that.

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Pushed to the extreme beyond the limits of control, sluts are unable to restrain their desires in a productive way. Gay men are naturally more like women, and gay women are naturally more like men. So orientation plays into which personality traits you're driven by. Additionally, the closer the tattoo is to the body structures which govern the behavior, the less dilution there is and the stronger the effect.

So, what body structures are important? Male behavior is governed through hormones produced in the brain and thyroid. Specifically, serotonin, and its release, is very important in patterning aggression through bio-feedback. Female behavior is governed hormonally, and estrogen is produced mostly by the ovaries, but also by other tissues such as the breasts.