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Cosplay is a fun and long-cherished activity for comic fans, and let's keep it that way by being respectful to one another. In order to help keep this community warm and friendly:. And please report any toxic rule-breaking behavior.

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Dressing up as the beautiful, red-headed Starfire is the dream of many and with this guide, it will be easy to put together her costume! The Tamarans are very emotional and they see feelings as the reasons why their powers are so great and basically their livelihood. Their emotions are a thing that helps them be able to gain the ability of flight and project ultraviolet energy. Starfire is also the love interest of Robin who also happens to be a member of the Teen Titans. He pines for her from afar until she realizes her feelings and they get together in the series finale movie. She has a rich history that will undoubtedly make you love her even more as a character.

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Over the years, there have been many characters that were teammates under the Teen Titans moniker, including Wonder Girl to Kid Flash, but the most famous version of the group seems to have been put together in the s: Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, and the ever-present Robin as the defacto leader.

This version of the team has gained legions of fans thanks to Cartoon Network's animated series from the s, its Teen Titans Go spinoff, and DC Universe's live-action Titans series.

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Naturally, these fans like to honor their favorite members of the team by dressing up as them, often, naturally, in groups. Today, we're sharing some of our favorite Teen Titans cosplayers out there, who look like they've stepped right out from the s of the comics. And remember, because a picture can still tell a thousand words, beware of spoilers.

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Photo: rosequincosplay cosplay batman dc damianwayne dccomics dcrebirth dcrebirthcomics supersons supersonscosplay superboy goldnova goldnova supanova comics superhero batfam batboys robin robincosplay. A post shared by Lachlan cosplay. Since the beginning, there's usually been a Robin on the Teen Titans team.

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Sure, they haven't always been the same Robin, but there's usually some form of Robin. Of course, Robin doesn't always stay Batman's elfish, little sidekick.

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After all, he's practically the leader of the Titans. So, we sometimes see him progress into his older alter-ego, Nightwing. Usually, this is Dick Grayson's alter-ego, but, just like "Robin," other characters sometimes take up the moniker. Beast boy: zack.

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A post shared by Jupiter jupiter. In this shoot, we see cosplayers posing as Beast Boy, a green shapeshifter who has the power to transform into various animals, here seemingly turning into a dragon, and Terra, who has power over the element of earth, hanging out together.

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The two had something of a relationship in the original comics Of course, some fans prefer to ignore that little detail Instagram user jupiter. A post shared by pdxacrylick on Dec 14, at am PST. In this cosplay shoot, we see the five famous Titans dressed like they are getting ready for class or maybe just a casual hang-out. Rounding out the rest of the cast are Robin, played by myherozakRaven, played by attackonmorganand Cyborg, played by emceecosplay.

Hope everyone is finding some way to cope with the isolation of quarantine. Gabriel Picolo's work has inspired quite a few fans, it seems.

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In this piece, we see Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven all hanging about with a special guest: Statfire's sister. The two sisters aren't exactly the best of friends, what with Blackfire having sold Starfire into slavery and stealing her throne. Of course, some versions aren't as bad as others, so hopefully, they're channeling one of those less evil versions of Blackfire A post shared by Kayla sassygills. Princess Koriand'r, better known as Starfire, is one of the strongest characters on the team, especially considering she was trained by warlords since she was young.

Despite this, she tends to be one of the more affectionate and nicer Titans, usually showing support to her teammates.

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In this post, we see a glimpse of her power as she lifts Beast Boy up with just one arm. Instagram group sassygills. Of course, Starfire is more than just brawn You can tell someone is going to be in trouble when her eyes start to glow green except the versions where her eyes are always monochromatic. Instagram user yohanix shared this photo of Starfire, also known as "Estelar" in the Spanish-speaking fandom, showcasing her ultraviolet powers.

The more you feel, the more energy you unleash.

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Raven is a powerful empath with a plethora of magical and supernatural abilities. But all that power comes at the cost of emotional restraint, something Raven keeps control of with a lot of meditating, using her famous spell, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos," as a mantra. Of course, with her great powers, she tends to float during these periods of reflection.

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And this cosplayer decided to recreate Raven's famous meditation pose, complete with her floating in the air! Instagram user missbmarie24 shared this photo, adding the quote, "My powers are driven by emotion.

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A post shared by wonderfulworldofcosplay on Apr 2, at am PDT. In this photo, three of the Titans are showing off their jackets: Nightwing, Starfire, and Cyborg. It might not be obvious at first glance but the jacket Starfire is wearing seems to be based on one Robin is sometimes seen wearing in artwork.

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Titans Together! So, progress, finally!

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The Titans are first and foremost a superhero team, so let's end with a photo with the team Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, Nightwing, and Cyborg looking like they're about to attack, complete with them showing off some of their weapons. There's a lot of attention to detail Feel free to suggest stories you'd like to see at johnwitiw yahoo.

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By John Witiw Published Apr 13, Share Share Tweet 0. View this post on Instagram. Related Topics Lists teen titans.