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I Selling used underwear on craigslist like search men who loves thai

Many panty buyer and panty sellers are always looking for ways to get what they want out of the panty selling community whether that is to buy a pair of panties from a sexy lady or to sell used panties and make some extra money.

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According to her website, Miss Tina is twenty-three years old and lives in Austin, where she works as a cocktail server at a club. She also sells her panties in her spare time.

My age: 21
My hair: Brunet
What I like to drink: Lager
In my spare time I love: Cooking
My tattoo: None

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The deep, dark, and no-doubt sticky underworld of Craigslist was always a place I was scared to go. The idea for this came from a dude I was seeing at the time who had told me that another friend of his was selling her panites on Craigslist and making an insane amount of money doing it. So there was some sort of internal struggle that I had prior to creating the add in general.

The ins and outs of being a craigslist underwear vendor

His answer was quick which should have concerned me more than it didand he told me to lie. Thus, this advertisement headline was born:.

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I was in college at the time, and I was selling my panties. The rest was bull shit. Was I cute and young?

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Regardless of these white lies, the headline was born. And I waited.

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The ad was put up on a Wednesday evening. Beautiful sentiments, such as:.

This is a long story so hunker in.

After responding to some serious inquiries and ironing out some finer details, I was ready to make my first transaction. I agreed to meet this guy at a Starbucks in the middle of the day at a busy time so as to avoid being taken away in the dark and brutally raped and murdered.

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Then I ran into the issue of, how do I hand him my underwear while still being as casual as possible? But I was out of options. I sat outside and wore large sunglasses so no one could see the internal sluttiness I was feeling from handing a married man my used as in recently worn underwear in a USPS bag in exchange for money.

I sold my used panties to a stranger online and hand delivered them at starbucks

This made me feel as though I looked even more suspicious so I made an attempt to casually read a book before getting up and practically sprinting to my car in an anxiety ridden panic. I made a few more sales post this first experience, but ultimately lost business from not being willing to send naked pictures of myself to dudes in order for them to judge if they wanted to buy from me or not.

Despite all of this, I am happy I did it and I would do it again if I ever was really hard up for money or extremely bored. Image via Shutterstock.

Why would you give them your address? How you gonna get the money without a return address? Providing a venmo handle?

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I think she made the right move closing this deal at Starbs. You should have just mailed them without a return address and set up a separate venmo .

Thank you. At least someone else has the common sense to know how to set up transactions in grey markets.

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I am assuming you work in Finance like myself. But great story, this is the fact based journalism that makes Monday less painful.

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God how fast would I do this if it was an option for dudes. Load More. Archive Advertise. this to a friend. Lilli Aging swiftly and bull-shitting my way through life. Dave 3 years ago.

The best places to sell used underwear ( ultimate guide)

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What to expect when you sell your used underwear on craigslist

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Buy sell used panties craigslist

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