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I'd like Skyrim sos underwear lady who loves transvetite

Whilst adventuring in Skyrim SE, you tend to run across all sorts of bandits, ruffians and ne'er-do-wells. Typically it all goes south, you end up in a big fight, and then you loot the bodies for armour and treasure. If you're running with a mod that replaces the default skin with a naked oneit's a bit disconcerting to discover that everyone whose armour you loot seems to be going commando.

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Most likely related to SOS. SOS has a known underwear glitch I believe, and there should be a patch somewhere on Loverslab.

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Not missing.

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So Bishop with gloves without armor looks like he has empty wrists. After that Bishop will not wear gloves when the scene starts.

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Note: about some reasons. Skyrim human body cannot fit perfectly with The Witcher series armors. And SoS has the vanilla based wrist. If add the wrist parts to gloves, at the normal scene Armor gets another creepy clipping at the wrist parts.

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If somebody wants to avoid these clipping, then have to almost reshape forearms of the armor. So I guess about the author decided about how to deal with wrists. May I ask you about what kind of the underwear appear?

Strange schlongs of skyrim underwear bug.

Then nothing overwrite body, umm, it still seems SoS undress-scripts delay. Try to remove some scripts if it remains from your current saving data and save as different name. I recommend this tool. Save game script cleaner.

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Another case, just failed to uninstall SoS light and installing SoS full as overwriting. The rest is a basic confirmation method, if you can make a fresh new data just for testing, start with the very minimum mods plus SOS. And check how is going.

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Anyway, I hope you get to solve it. I think this is a solvable issue.

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