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Kate Lambertknown professionally as " Kato ", is a British model, fashion deer, singer and entrepreneur.

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Kate Lambertknown professionally as " Kato ", is a British model, fashion deer, singer and entrepreneur.

My age: I am 30
Hobbies: Mountain climbing
Body tattoos: None

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We had the pleasure of interviewing world renown steampunk model and deer Kato at Wild Wild West Con She was a special guest at the 3rd annual steampunk convention, the largest of its kind in the southwest. Kato was kind enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule to chat with us and even do a little photo shoot.

Thank you for taking your time to chat with me! How are you doing Kato? I live in Portland, Oregon now.

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I just make primarily steampunk clothing. But just recently about two-years-ago I launched a new Victorian fashion erotica brand called Steamgirl.

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Hong: So what inspired you to do all of this? The steampunk modeling and now the Steamgirl brand?

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Kato: My journey has been very interesting. I have a background in fashion illustration and I was sharing a lot of my fashion illustrations and some clothing I was making on MySpace, back in the MySpace days. One of the ex-backing vocalists from the steampunk band Abney Park pointed out how steampunk my clothing looked and I had no idea what steampunk was. I pretended to.

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I quickly went home and did some Google searching and that word fit my style perfectly. But over time I began to realize I was getting a big following for my photos in particular. I had a big male following too that wanted some poster prints and we kind of realized we were onto something there and I should be branding myself. I have a really lovely assistant named Alan.

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Kato: Yes, Professor Falconer. Kato: I actually got a job working for a musician in Los Angeles. So I created a website and I was doing a little bit of modeling at the time and he said that he needed an extra model for a magazine article that they were working on.

An interview with kato at wild wild west con *plus exclusive phoot shoot

So I had to fly out to California, we became best friends, and he ended up hiring me as sort of a personal assistant and head PR for the fanclub. That kind of paid the bills for about two years but it also gave me enough time to learn to sew. Because I was actually never one of those kids that was fortunate enough to have a seamstress for a mother or grandmother. I taught myself to sew a lot later in life but during those years I had the time to do that and I was able to get Steampunk Couture off the ground at the same time.

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Kato: I do, I do. I feel really at home. It was a bit weird. Coming from Wales as well, I was such a country girl. Then I moved to L. Kato: Well I was visiting a friend up in Portland, she was working on a movie.

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Kato: Right, right. Kato: Hopefully soon. Kato: Yes. I wanted to shoot straight for the top and ask J. Hong: Before you started all these things, what inspired you initially? Your main inspiration. I did go to art school. I left high school when I was sixteen and I went and finished my last two years of high school at a tech college where I specialized in fine art and then I went and did a nine-month course at an art school in South Wales. I focused on fashion and textiles and learned a few basics but everything else just came about later on when I had the time.

But I had a very humble experience of you know, waiting tables and working retail and doing that monotonous thing that everybody has to do.

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He started his career at twenty-one so I had a lot to live up to. I wanted to be dad, you know? I want to do that. I started my first business when I was about sixteen making dreadlock hair falls, those are detachable dre. Now, if there was something that you could change or do differently during this whole steampunk journey of yours what would it be?

Steampunk couture

Kato: You know I try not to have any regrets about things to be honest. Those sort of things have helped me make better business decisions later on, like moving into licensing for example.

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Once that started taking its toll on my sanity it helped me realize that I needed to outsource, I needed to get more staff. So you know, bad business decisions like that do help you make better decisions in the future. Kato: You do, exactly.

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Hong: No, they look awesome. Is there a reason why you are wearing those contacts? Is it part of your costume? That they do. Now one last question: If there was someone you could work with in the steampunk community who would you work with? Kato: Well I really want to get my hands on Campbell.

Kato’s steampunk couture

I want to jump in bed with J. Scott Campbell. Not literally but in a business sense. Who else? I would love to work with them.

Who’s kate lambert, supermodel of steampunk? wiki biography

Please visit Kato on Facebookthisiskato. All rights reserved. Full-time geek. Martial arts master. Feel free to follow my Twitter or contact me directly by .