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Tara Tainton was born to a different name in the Midwestern USA but raised, quite wholesomely, all over the world.

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She was the model officer's daughter: shy, quiet, witty, and never touched by a soldier well, just the once. She managed to escape her strict upbringing by hiding behind books, her computer, and a temporary husband she collected at the sweet age of Tara's real adventures began when she realized there was more to life than the limited views she'd been raised with, writing technical manuals within the walls of an artificially lit cubicle, and being in a marriage that felt more like forced motherhood.

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After finding her flare for erotic artistry by making a video of herself as a Valentine's Day gift to her husband and receiving nothing in return, she decided to try the life of a young divorcee but not before securing the only copy of the controversial tape, which she still has stashed away. Shortly after, she also left the corporate life for freelance writing, tired of being judged by the length of her skirts and propositioned by every contract engineer passing through the office.

Armed with her newfound freedom, Tara set out to discover everything that had ly been on the no-no list.

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She left the past and all her possessions behind to begin anew in Australia, the country she'd been infatuated with since childhood. The Land Down Under became Tara's playground, as intricately documented in her private journal. She swore to never let anyone tell her what she could or could not write again, has always believed outright honesty is the best policy, and has been lost in the world of edgy and honest creative writing, whether fiction or nonfiction, ever since.

Her male friends and lovers were the first to suggest that she combine the contents of her steamy e-mail confessions and reports, passion for writing, and unquenchable thirst for erotic exploration into lascivious tales to share with the rest of the world. Tara unabashedly thanks her ex-husband for pushing all the wrong buttons and helping to shove her into the life she was meant for.

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She's also eternally grateful to her younger brother for conditioning her to accept "fuck" into her vocabulary and banish the parenting-induced inner prude to eternal damnation. Likewise, she's gone out of her way to demonstrate enduring gratitude to her New Zealand lover Tara tainton movies muse for showing her the myriad beauty of the word "cunt.

More recently, the birth of Tara's personal site, originally intended to simply share her adult-themed writing with potential editors and future fans, has served as a powerful and unexpected erotic catalyst and intimate connection with other encouraging and open minds. Tara discovered her passion for travel photography translated to the realm of the erotic as well, and she was soon self-photographing and modeling for erotic photos of her own. Her belief that true beauty and sensuality lay in the myriad of differences and uniqueness we all possess urged Tara of the necessity to share more and more of her authentic female self with all the world: flaws, fears, weaknesses, and all.

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A natural enthusiasm and appreciation for the unrestricted art of nude and erotic modeling led to Tara's latest adventitious discovery and erotic exploits. At last, her own wholehearted comfort with and enthusiasm for challenging and sharing all the more of her sexual self via homemade amateur adult video is revealed. Meggan Malone is featured on the cover and appears in the last scene. She's a very.

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