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Despite what you may think, not every anime character can be beautiful.

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Makoto Misumi is just an ordinary high school student living a regular life, but all of a sudden gets summoned to the other world to become a "hero. As he wanders the wilderness, Makoto encounters dragons, spiders, orcs, dwarves, and all sorts of non-human tribes. Because Makoto comes from a different world, he is able to unleash unimaginable magical powers and combat skills. But just how will he handle his encounters with various species and survive in his new environment. In this fantasy, Makoto tries to transform the other world into a better place despite the humans and gods having turned their backs on him.

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That kind of thing is expected in the anime industry, and your average anime series because anime is fiction. Especially when it comes to anime des, beauty, body shapes and everything in between. Tomoko Kuroki is a character with low self-esteem. And the contrast is what makes this show unique for a slice of life series. Marechiyo is a pitiful character.

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Petelgeuse is just weird. His appearance matches his ugly intentions, warped way of thinking, and detestable view of the world and his idea of right vs wrong. As is the case with an anime like Re:Zero in the first place.

Sakura Oogami is intentionally drawn and deed this way.

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Male with female characteristics the opposite of Sakura. Gluttony is a nasty character for a lot of different reasons. His appearance reeks of death, ugliness, and generally an uncomfortable atmosphere that will give you chills. And nothing good comes from being in his prescience for too long.

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If the grim reaper was real, Ryuk is probably an accurate description of what the grim reaper would look like. Masao Murasako is rotten to the core.

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His ugly, creepy appearance is a reflection of how he feels about the world AND people on the inside. If he ever had the chance to get away with it. Rem is another Shinigami from Death Note.

Top 10 ugliest anime characters

And that contrast to me is what makes Rem from Death Note a perfect example of beautiful on the inside, even if not on the outside. Anything that represents hatred is naturally ugly and vile. Dodoria was always a nasty-looking guy. Mostly for his attitude, facial expressions and the way he mercilessly slaughters Namekians.

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The whole purpose of the plot in Akame Ga Kill is to overthrow the government and create a revolution. Prime Minister Honest is the main reason the assassination group: Night Raid is created in the first place.

The ugliest anime characters of all time

Just like his ugly appearance, this man has no heart, empathy or even a shred of decency to his character. I'm the Founder of Anime Motivation. Featured as a judge in Crunchyroll's anime awards. The 1st anime I watched was Dragon Ball Z. I've seen 's since then, with Saiki K being one of my all time favorites.

And fiction is an exaggeration of the real world a lot of the time.

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The types of flaws we actually have in real life. Regardless of personal opinions.

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