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It was a long weekend when my niece came to stay with me, we had some plans to go fishing and campinghowever we got a weather report that was definitely not going to allow us to do that so we decided to get some jusn food and some videos. My niece Salia was 11 just turned and was the most affectionate kid I knew. She would always be sitting on my lap or laying on top of me as we watched tv.

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This story took place completely unexpectedly. I was woking in an advertizement firm when due to Covid, it laid me off for six months. As the firm assured me of re-hiring, I decided to visit my relatives in village. I belonged to a rural area but moved to city for the job. My parents were dead but in my family I had three brothers and two sisters.

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I work in security systems for major hotel chains.

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I just never found one I truly wanted. I had been raised with two younger sisters by both parents who were pretty strict disciplinarians.

Uncle takes a niece

More than once, I felt the sting of a belt or paddle across my bare ass. It was their opinion that if we waited until a specific time, they could take care of everything at once. During dinner on those evenings, the three of us kids were always quiet. We knew what was coming next.

‘uncle/niece’ stories

We knew we were expected to go to our rooms, strip, put on a robe and return to the table. There, we would face our charges, then remove the robes one at a time, and be stretched across the table to receive our punishment. I tell you, the reader, this now to give you a background.

Now, on with the current situation. Both of my sisters had given birth to one child, each having a daughter.

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Janie was the older of the two girls both younger than me with a 2 year separation between each of us and had delivered a beautiful blonde daughter which she named Jenna. Katie had given birth to a blonde as well, and named her Kaelyn. Both of my sisters had married well, and both had settled their divorces extremely well.

They were living in the same affluent neighborhood, each having an in-ground swimming pool in the back. The cousins became close friends and, along with five other girls their age, recorded a web show once a week.

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This resort was known for having an indoor water park and themed rooms. We would be gone for a week. My sisters both agreed, and amid much 13 year old excitement and hugs, I told them I would pick them both up the following Sunday afternoon and drive to the resort.

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It was in the next state, but the girls had never been there. The cousins were instructed by my sisters to mind and not give me any trouble. Janie and Katie both told me to not let them run wild, and to make them mind. Once the girls were out of ear-shot, Janie confided that she was having trouble getting Jenna to mind.

Katie agreed Kaelyn was guilty of the same.

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They wanted me to help get them back in line. I asked if they were giving me permission to do whatever I thought necessary, and they both agreed. Even if it meant resorting to the punishment of our parents, I was to do what I felt was required. Now, I had a feeling my sisters were stretching the truth a little.

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In my eyes, Jenna and Kaelyn were two angels. Jenna was built like her mom, with a thicker body, firm breasts that were half the size of an orange, flat stomach, firm thighs and an ass that would make celibate men drool with lust. Her blonde hair fell half-way down her back, and her eyes sparkled when she laughed. She wore glasses some of the time, and contacts the rest of the time. Both girls had shiny braces on their teeth.

Kaelyn was built more like her dad. She was slender, almost bony.

A weekend with my nieces

Her breasts were not much more than little bumps under her shirt, and her hips had not developed the curves that most girls her age had. Her hair was a darker blonde and cut shoulder length. I was really looking forward to spending time with these two girls.

I picked them up at the agreed time, and we drove the four hours to the resort. The girls had evidently conspired on their outfits, and both wore denim shorts and tank tops. I checked in with the manager, and was ased a room for the week. They had agreed to comp half of the week in exchange for Uncle and niece sex stories reduction in my fee.

We were ased to a two-room suite that held a total of four beds. This room was decorated to look like a hunting lodge, complete with log walls and a fireplace. The beds were queen-sized, with sturdy oak head and foot boards. There was one bathroom between the two bedrooms. After we settled in, we decided on a local restaurant for dinner, then a movie in the room. I promised them we would check out the water park the following day as soon as I was finished.

Since we were all tired from the drive, we got ready for bed and sat on the sofa for movie time. I mentioned that I had never been married, and mentioned the description of both girls. When they walked into the living room to me, those descriptions were nothing close to accurate. I felt my cock twitch at the sight of these girls. The top was sleeveless and fell just above her shorts, leaving some of her stomach exposed. The shorts were tighter than I would have thought comfortable, outlining her 13 year old pussy very nicely.

‘uncle niece incest’ stories

She was NOT wearing panties under the shorts. She sat to my left, folding her legs under her small frame and resting her head on my shoulder. Jenna was behind her cousin and plopped down on the opposite side of me. She was wearing a baby-doll nightie with bloomer type panties. Her well-toned legs were tanned and supple looking as she stretched them out, propping her feet on the table in front of us. She promptly lifted my arm and put it around her neck, holding my hand.

Both girls looked at me, smiling and giggling. I was wondering how long I would last before my cock noticed how the girls were dressed. I should mention here that I grew up with two younger sisters during the pre-internet era. Our parents tried to beat those notions out of us, but we always found a way to play.

I was the first for both of my sisters, and Janie was the first girl for me. She was 11 at the time.

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I had turned down the lights for the movie, and that helped keep my cock under control. Day two is where things became more interesting. We went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, then back up to the room. I told the girls to wait for me and not leave the room at all. They had my cell if they needed anything.

They agreed to follow my instructions. When I went to the room for lunch, Jenna and Kaelyn had made it back just before me. I knew this because I watched them on the hotel security monitors. I called my sisters and told them both what had happened, and what I intended to do about it. They agreed and said to have the girls call them after I had finished, or if they refused.

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I walked in like nothing had happened, and found my nieces on their computers. Neither acted like anything was wrong. She looked up at me and batted her eyes. She was sitting on the sofa, legs crossed Indian style. When she leaned forward, her top fell open, revealing her training bra covered bumps. I walked over to the flat-screen television.

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I connected my laptop to it very quickly and pulled up the copies of the security system I had downloaded when I had watched them. Do you want to admit you left the room after I told you to stay here with the door locked? I turned on the video feed and brought up the images of the girls leaving the room.

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It followed them as they toured the resort, spent time in the game area and even waded in the pool. It ended with Kaelyn ripping the cover from one of the life preservers in the pool area. Now, their braces were on display as their mouths hung open. Kaelyn spoke first. She was having no problem denying any wrong-doing. I watched you on the monitors. You can see the room on the door! What did you think you were doing when you did this? I told you to stay in the room for a reason. You have no idea who is staying here, or what could have happened to you.